10 Minutes With 19 Year Old Hip Hop Artist Wandile Dlamini AKA Dee Wyz

During the Red Bull Kas’lami event in Artizen I got to chit chat with 19 year old Ntshongweni based Hip Hop artist Wandile Dlamini who goes by the name ‘Dee Wyz’. He’s a Varsity College student who loves being on stage and writing music. I hope you enjoy reading this Q&A as much as I did chatting to him.
Why Music?
Music is art, it’s a way of expressing yourself and communicating universally with listeners and people you’ve never met. I’ve always believed that everyone has a purpose on Earth and a God-given talent,mine is music, Music is my passion it’s how I deal with stress, life situations and emotional conflict. I fell in love with music at a very young age through listening to the likes of Eminem, 50 Cent, Dr Dre, The Game and Snoop Dogg to name a few. Although i couldn’t understand half of what they were saying back then, when I listen to those songs again 9 years later now it makes perfect sense and I relate to some of the stories they shared.
Let’s talk about your style of lyrics;
Deep, introspective, educational thought-provoking and emotional. I take a lot of time to think about what i put in my lyrics,the type of impact it will have, the kind of vibe I intend to push out,the different stories I tell and my responsibility to actually know what I’m talking about. My lyrics literally take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride because of my emphasis on detail and getting a message across.
At what age did you begin doing music?
I made my first song when I was 13 called “Bullet in my Brain”, I remember the chorus for it even till this day it’s always going to be stuck in my head because of the excitement I had of having a song you know. My friends laughed at me so hard when I played it for them the first time probably because my lyrics had no substance at that time. After that I dropped like 5 songs in the space of 2 months to stay consistent as my hunger to be heard kept growing and my momentum was building up. At 14 I recorded a mixtape called “NewBorn” produced by ShoutoutBeats who I still work with today.The buzz it garnered in my hood gave me so much to motivation to strive for my passion and to make it possible to reach your dreams no matter where you’re from. Unbelievablely I still have that CD mixtape at home and listen to it now and then to feel inspired.

Why hip-hop?
Hip-Hop has always been a part of my life. It hasn’t only affected me but also my family. My 2 uncles sag their pants whenever they wear jeans and rap their favourite lyrics from 2Pac and Biggie when they’re roaming in the streets or whenever they are amongst their friends. So I grew up off that it’s in my veins it’s been in my background ever since. I didn’t choose Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop chose me.It’s a culture we live in our own society where you be all you can be.
Who did you work with on your current single?
I worked with Chauffered Dream my record label and my main producer ShoutoutBeats who is under Loyalty Unlimited. He made the beat for what was to become my debut single known as “Stay Woke” and my breakout single dually. He’s only 20 years old from my hood so we’re just black inspired kids trying to become something positive out of life. Nothing less, nothing more.
How much time do you spend in studio?
I’m in the studio every weekend I’m currently working on an E.P so I try to spend as much time as I can there no doubt.My studio is in Mgababa, I live in a place near Hammersdale called Ntshongweni so it has to be worth the trip everytime i go to the studio.
Who’s the current hit on the Durban Hip Hop scene?
Nasty C definitely. He’s putting the time and effort in his craft and the outcome is incredible. His mixtape “Price City” is one of my favourite projects to ever be released by an artist from Durban so props to him he’s doing his thing.
Favourite female artist?
It has to be Rouge for me. That girl raps hard,and switches flows like it’s nobody’s business. She’s the true definition of a Female Mc I love her music and respect who she is and what she stands for.
Your playlist right now?
I got that 6Lack album “FreeLac”,Bryson Tiller’s new album “True To Self”, Kendrick Lamar and lastly J.Cole. That’s about it for me right now I vibe around heavily to these musicians work especially their albums.

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    young boy speaking alotta sense

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