10 Questions With Durban Cool Kid Siza Kweyama AKA Stanky DeeJay

Born Siza Kweyama, popularly known as Stanky Deejay is the 18 year old Durbanite who is slowly becoming Durban’s favourite DJ. As I am writing this blog post, I am listening to his latest hit track, Suka Phamb’ Kwam’ (get out of my way – in English). You might have heard Stanky Deejay’s mixes playing on Gagasi FM or his music at other radio stations around Durban.

As I have been following this incredible talented boy online for the past year, I have seen massive growth from him. I am not an expert when it comes to the entertainment industry but I know for sure, Stanky Deejay will go far. At his age, I must say that his humble attitude and maturity inspire me.

I asked Stanky Deejay 10 questions, read what he had to say below:

How old were you when you discovered your love for music?

My love for music came at a very young age, according to my parents I demanded a drum set at the age of 4 after I had seen them on the music video of the classical song, ‘DJ Walker feat. Senyaka – Chesa Mpama’

Is there a certain age that you you think people should start making music at?

I honestly believe that you’re never too young or too old to make music, if it’s what makes you happy then you should never ignore it. Music is within, even the tap of our fingers on different surfaces can influence music.

At what age did you compose your first song?

I think the first time I composed my first song was in 2012 and I was 16 at that stage, I had accidently open Fruity Loops Studio, a music production software, by mistake and I actually made my first song and that was a House Music song because at that time I was still a House Music DJ.

What do you enjoy about making your own music?

Making my own music allows me to express my OWN thoughts or feelings musically, I’d say that’s what I really enjoy.

And the music industry in general?

Yoh! This industry is tough and broke… People often think us musician have great income and things come to us so easily, whereas it is so tough here. The amount of exploitation that occurs in this industry is heart breaking.

Where were you born?

I was born in Hammarsdale, a small township in between Durban and Pietermaritzburg.

Did you grow up in the same place? 

Yes, I stayed there for 10 years before we moved to the North hahaha… Growing up I was that popular child in my hood because of how privileged I was and, according to the guys in the hood it was also because of how gorgeous my older sisters are.

Besides making music, what else makes Deejay Stanky cool

I really think it’s my personality and how humble I am that really makes me appear to be a “cool” kid.

What misconceptions do you think most people have about you? 

Hahaha. I actually don’t know hey, I think the worst one has to be the misconception my best friend’s mom had thinking I was a druggie in grade 8.

What inspired the stage name ‘Stanky Deejay‘? 

It all started with just being called Stanky, I was really good at doing the ‘stanky leg’ dance and one of my friends named me ‘Stanky’ and then in grade 8 when I finally decided to be a DJ, I just added the DeeJay at the end but not in the front, reason why? I don’t know why either [laughs].

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