5 ways to get your wardrobe ready for spring

Spring is in the air, and you probably want to revamp your wardrobe for a whole new season. Warmer weather means it’s the perfect time to start things off on the right foot (ever heard of spring cleaning?) and set the tone for the rest of the year.

Freshen up your spring style and avoid any wardrobe-related headaches with these top tips on how to get your wardrobe ready for spring.

  1. Declutter

    Take everything out of your wardrobe, and sort it into piles. You’ll want to have a “keep” pile, a “discard” pile, and a “maybe” pile (Quick rule of thumb: if you haven’t worn something in the last two years, it should probably be on your “discard” pile). If you’re on the fence about something, take a leaf out of Marie Kondo’s book and ask: does it spark joy? Before putting anything back in your wardrobe, take time to give the inside a quick clean to keep your clothes fresh-smelling for as long as possible.

    Don’t put your “discard” pile in the trash. Give it to a charity which accepts clothes donations, sell it online, or even host a yard sale, and put that money towards a good cause (or towards a new spring outfit).

  1. Store autumn/winter pieces away for next year

    If you’ve got clothes in your wardrobe which you know are not going to get worn again until the end of the year, don’t just leave them in your wardrobe to take up space and gather dust. Pack them away somewhere safe, ready to be taken out when cold weather rolls around again.

  1. Revive/repair

    If there’s anything in your “maybe” pile that just needs some TLC to be a “yes”, now is the time to put your repair skills to the test. Fix any loose seams or tears, and replace any lost buttons. If you’ve changed dress size, consider taking once-loved items to a professional so that they can be re-tailored to fit your new size. Take worn-down shoes to a cobbler to be re-heeled.

  1. Organise

    Once you’ve slimmed down and repaired your wardrobe, organise it in a way that makes sense to you and that allows you to find items easily. Organising by colour, or by type (for instance, all your shirts together, all your jeans together, and so on) are both popular ways to restore order to closet chaos. Make sure to do the same to shoes, accessories, and jewellery, so that everything’s on hand when you need it.

Pick out key new pieces

Finally, the secret to staying on-trend (without breaking the bank) is to choose new items carefully. Whether it’s a couple of trendy pieces from Fenty Puma, a funky, translucent coat from Kate Spade, or even a frilly, feathered Gucci confection, one or two statement pieces can refresh your whole look.

When buying new season items, either go for classic pieces that you can wear again and again or ultra-contemporary pieces that will keep you looking bang on-trend.

Thanks so much for reading, hope to see you again :)

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