How old are you?

Born in 1993 on the 2nd of January – now do the math ūüôā

When did you start blogging?

I started blogging in April 2012.

Besides blogging what else do you do?

I am a social media manager and content creator for a Durban based advertising agency. So that is what I wake up to do every working day, I also do a lot of freelance writing and PR work.

What made you choose blogging out of all things as a career and a hobby?

I like telling stories, informing people and giving people a platform to communicate with a wide audience. At school I used to do a lot of story telling, speech and drama and was involved in debating. I guess you could say I live for conversation.

How do you get huge brands to send you free stuff?

Well this is kinda funny, actually it is the other way round most the time. They approach¬†me, though you have to work hard to get to that stage. Grow your online presence and¬†create a lot of connections through your blog. “A useless somebody is a useful somebody”.

Why don’t you follow back on Twitter?

I also have people who don’t follow me back, not that I’m trying to be them but I¬†personally believe that you should follow someone because you like their personality or¬†their tweets etc. I can not honestly follow thousands of people who aren’t active or who¬†tweet things that are not relevant to me or what I do.

Which celebrity interview has been your best thus far?

It would kind of be unfair for me to choose one, I enjoy all of them actually.

Who inspires you?

People who never give up.

When did you start writing?

At the age of 12, I started taking this talent seriously when my letter was selected as a winning letter¬†for the Jet Magazine. The editor actually called my Mom and asked to speak to me,¬†she explained to me how awesome and talented I was and that she loves my rhymes.¬†That inspired me, and I’m ever thankful for her brief but important appearance in my life.

Do you enjoy doing giveaways and hosting Competitions?

Absolutely! though some people really never know when to give up, there are¬†people who enter EVERY single competition! I mean WTF? don’t you get tired? give¬†other people a chance please.

How many radio stations have you worked at?

Two, Inanda fm and Vibe fm. Pretty amazing experience.

Why did you quit radio?

I never really did, I just became very committed to other things in the online world. Radio is an important medium, and should not be ignored by anyone, so I’m grateful for my grounding in that arena.

Are you ever going back to radio?

I’d love to get into radio again! It’s amazing – I love the people and they give¬†awesome love back! I will get back to radio soon in fact.

Which local Blogger do you look up to?

Uhm, I look up to every local blogger who’s ORIGINAL!