Are you an African Storyteller?


In celebration of our African history, we would like to invite all our film & television stakeholders in sharing their light as African storytellers.
 The world is currently riddled with a global pandemic that will re-shape all industries in ways unimagined. Let us spread positivity amidst a difficult period in our history and celebrate the role we have played as storytellers, in preserving African film & television.
Are you an African Storyteller?
While social distancing, let us celebrate Africa Day virtually using the hashtag #IAmAnAfricanStoryteller and tagging @NFVFSA
Using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, we encourage you to post an image of yourself, a friend or a colleague, sharing your fondest memories and experiences as a storyteller. Your story matters.

Whether you are a film student/lecturer or an aspiring filmmaker, a Director or an actor, make – up artist or Commissioning editor – you have played an important role in telling our stories and we want to celebrate you.  

Stories are our friends, our counsellors and our teachers. They are a means of nurturing a moral culture in the hearts and minds of people. They bring together people and they break down barriers. It is a tradition we must never lose in the rush to the cities”. – Gcina Mhlophe

Thanks so much for reading, hope to see you again :)

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