Artist Of The Week: Cebolelonkosi Brian Ngcobo – SA’s 33 Year Old Urban Kwaito Star

Born Bread and buttered Kwa Mashu – went to Johannesburg to pursue his entertaining career in 2008. Started Work with DJ Clock 2011 – 2013 Met and Joined DBNNYTS – 2013 in the earlier stages before fame.

Started installing ideas recording with the guys and automatically became a member because of the Joburg experience in the entertainment game.

2019 November – that is when he decided to outgrow the group and embark on his Solo Journey because he felt he was sidelined – Finding out on social media that one of the members sent a press release stating, he now wants to go solo and venture on being a DJ – left him no choice but to ask himself why is he still within the DBNNYTS circle? – that is when he decided to contact Ngcebo Mdima the CEO of Charlie Communications regarding the possible release of the debut single titled Lova Gijima – the rest was history hence its dropped today 31 January 2020.

Single – Lova Gijima – He’s hoping that the masses will receive the new sound of Urban Kwaito as the sound itself is #urban2020

Thanks so much for reading, hope to see you again :)

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