Artist Of The Week: Mmiselo ‘Ficz’ Fica

Originally born in South Africa, Mmiselo ‘Ficz’ Fica moved to England at a very young age. He lived with his mother and occasionally his father would be in between both countries. 

Being the last born of 3 kids, all eyes fell on him but it wasn’t until he was 9 that he discovered he had a taste for music, writing his first set of lyrics with his long time friend Danny Goodhew. 

Most of his life involved moving in and around England from Sheffield and to Ireland then finally settling in Leicester city.

Leicester allowed Ficz to grow love for friends from other cultures or races due to one simple thing, they all had one common goal to be successful in their old ages. Growing up in saffron lane, put Ficz in the center of the city and he grew his relationships as well as affiliates during his time spent there but not everyday was as beautiful as it seemed, each moment was a lesson. By the time he was 17 Ficz had made strong friendships with some of the heavy hitters coming out of Leicester now and reminds himself of his childhood days freestyling to beats with the likes of Kay P, Jafro, Jb Scofield and many more. It was those very moments that began to lit the fire that is slowly becoming an inferno. 

Leicester was an experience that helped shape Ficz to become the artist and musician he has always been destined to be. Mmiselo spent a lot of time in England, growing up around different people and being influenced by many of the other cultures in and around the world, it helped him understand the people of the world and that is where his ability to connect with people stemmed from.

Being different was never easy but Ficz realised that’s what made him unique. His life experiences of South Africa and England influence the music that he makes. And he has yet to complete all the trials that may prevent him from becoming the mogul he’ll be but nevertheless Ficz continues to push and dominate. He is like a cross breed between a pitbull and a lion, something most rappers would fear but his intention is to bring the real music back, to combine the influences of both cultures into music allowing the world to see life from his perspective. 

Ficz has triumphed from the hardships of the streets of England and overcome the obstacles that come with being a young black man in today’s world. As he begins to shine he intends to light up the darkness for those that will come after him, healing one heart at a time.  

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  • Instagram: @ficx100
  • Twitter: @ficz0116
  • Facebook: Ficz

Thanks so much for reading, hope to see you again :)

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