Artist Of The Week: Zameka

Zameka Numanda,  “DrumQueen90s” to her fans was born and raised in Soshanguve, in the month of January 1991. Growing up in a “shebeen” accelerated her music knowledge and was bound to fall in love with the art form by virtue of growing up at a place where music was the order of the day and being exposed to the jukebox era at her parents business. 

The self-thought singer-songwriter wrote her very first song at the tender age of 11 and had her first professional music studio recording experience at the age of 13. 
In her teens, joined forces with a close friend and neighbor (Thandi) to start their very own band named (Souls Deformed), the group released a single titled “Sunday Afternoon”, which quickly became a favorite in their immediate circles and neighborhood at large, helped them create a niche in Soshanguve and neighboring areas. 

Unfortunately, due to personal growth, the group split, taking different career paths, leaving Zameka devastated but not defeated as she continued in pursuit of a music career, following her calling to entertain through song. 

Zameka managed to carve her way into the South African mainstream industry when she scored her first feature on a professional body of work on Prince Kaybee’s sought after debut album where she featured on a song titled “Storyteller” a song that signaled the beginning of greater things for then rising star; as this brought her much attention from music producers across the country. 

Her most significant collaboration was with hit making production duo, Trademark who produced her most well received solo debut single titled (Kiki Riki) in 2017. Sunday Sun called her a “Rising Star” when they interviewed her the same year and the song caught traction on social media whilst enjoying airplay on urban, commercial and community radio stations.  

One of Zameka’s notable highlights of 2017 was when DJ FRESH compiled her song Kiki Riki on his FRESH HOUSE FLAVA VOLUME 9.  The recognition further proved that she’s on the right musical path.  

Shot by the credible Pilot Films; her first ever music video for the title  (Kiki (Kiki Riki) continues to accumulate publicity for the songbird, as the visuals remain a favorite across music channels to date.   

In 2017 Zameka showed diversity to her brand by releasing a mellow, meaningful jam titled Guqa Ft Afrikan Roots who also produced the song. Guqa enjoyed play listing on radio and brought Zameka closer to the people, through print and radio interviews where she was granted an opportunity to promote the single on Power FM, Massive Metro, True FM, Lephalaphala FM and Legwalagwala FM to name but a few of the radio stations she visited. 

In 2018 she collaborated with Gqom supreme Dj/Producers, Rude Boyz on a unexpected summer smash hit, titled “Let It Flow”, the song charted at number 30 on the Metro FM Top 40 chart on its first week of release. It stayed on the chart for a full month and continues to climb other stations (Top 40 charts); notably on Ukhozi FM, Gagasi FM, Capricorn FM and has proved to be a crossover with high rotation spins, on 5 FM and Goodhope FM and music video channel charts such as MTVBASE, Trace and Channel O. 

The year 2018 came with many highlights for “Drum Queen”, to her fans, her collaboration with Dj Ganyani’s all time producer, Dj Chase were invited to perform on Supe- sport world cup special show broadcasted live on SABC 2. 

In 2019 Zameka was featured by TNS, on a song titled “Believe” Ft Zameka & Londie London. The trio performed the spiritual dance anthem on Metro FM’s “Centre Stage” hosted by Thomas & Pearl Modiadia and was generally well received by fans. 

The long awaited, body of work from Zameka comes droped in 2020 in the form of an 8 track EP dubbed “Drum Queen 90s”, an alias she’s popularly known by- Not only that; but the music also lives up to the title: This 8 track EP is sonically inspired by the 90’s disco era, and builds up nicely to modern times. This offering intentionally feeds the current “nostalgic feeling” in today’s pop culture; the Drum Queen 90s Ep positions itself as the background music the market has been yearning for.   
The Ep enjoys features by the legendary Durban’s Finest, Dj Sox and production by the super talented duo, Afro Brothers who produced the SMASH hit single “Gugulethu” by Prince Kaybee.
Zameka-Drum Queen 90’s EP is a perfect sync with current trends, it fits perfectly into the repackaged “old school” aesthetic enjoyed by Gen Y.
Furthermore, this project sees Zameka use her voice as if it were a paint brush, as she stretches her vocal range, allowing her to paint various colors of sound on one canvas; thus music connoisseurs will enjoy the progressive approach, and simple to complex production. 

Drum Queen 90’s is a peep into the future as it advocates the creation of music beyond genre.  The EP available across digital platforms and offers a song for road trips, a song for when at home relaxing, and a TURN UP song for the weekend. 

Zameka has managed to thrill audiences as far as Swaziland and Cape Town.  A breath of fresh air, with a unique angelic voice and a likable aura; which are important ingredients for an artist who hopes to breakthrough in the mainstream industry.  


Rude Boyz “Let It Flow” Ft Zameka 
Top 20 on the chart 


2015- Prince Kaybee (Storyteller) Ft Zameka 

2016- Zameka (Kiki Riki) Ft Trademark 

2017- Zameka (Guqa) Ft Afrikan Roots

2017- DJ Steve (All Over Again) Ft Zameka 

2018- Rude Boyz (Let It Flow) Ft Zameka 

2018- Dj Chase (Can’t Get Away) Ft Zameka

2018- Zameka- (Vibe) Ft Madanon

2019- TNS (Believe) Ft Zameka & Londie London  

2019- Zameka- (Found You)

2020- Kususua & Argento Dust (Victims of The Night) Ft Zameka 

2020- Dj Mngadi (UThando) Ft Zameka 

2020- Zameka- Drum Queen 90’s EP 


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