Artist Profile: Yashna Lutchman

Yashna Lutchman, a passionate and soulful Durban based singer-songwriter, began singing at an early age, and discovered her vocal gift at the tender age of ten. She started recording her own music in 2016 with one of the city’s most prominent developers’ of local talent; sound engineer, producer and deejay, Wandile ‘Teabag’ Ngidi. At twenty-three she released her second single titled “Too Good” which was published by Cultured Chaos Entertainment.

Yashna as an artist is a true reflection of talent and intelligence having completed a BA Degree in Social Science, and having achieved a Honours Degree in Industrial Psychology at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, in the year 2015.

A year later she clenched the title as the winner of the 2016 Gospel Sing off at Revival Ministries. Yashna’s deep sense of commitment to her community was displayed when she performed at the CANSA Relay Fundraiser alongside her then school mates Abigail Beard, Amy Madolo and Shekinah Donnell. In Yashna’s first year at UKZN PMB, she was cast as the lead (Ali Rose) in the popular musical Burlesque, for a presentation by the Honours Graduates, with Jessica Nkosi and Petunia (from Petunia and the Mob) being among the dancers of that performance. She completed her first feature on Vuzu’s ‘The Hustle’ contestant, Erick Rush’s mix tape, with tracks “Drank and Dro” as well as “Here We Are Again.” Another budding display of her talent was when her singing led models down the runway at Jaqui Emmanuel’s 2014 Fashion Show, and at the 2016 Women of Africa’s Business Empowerment Event held at Coastlands Hotel.


Yashna joined forces with session drummer Kelly Bigara in early 2017, recording covers for social media. They entered East Coast Radio’s Be the Band Competition later that year, as a band named Malaky (pronounced: Mala-Kai). Malaky was fortunate enough to make it to the top 6 of that competition. At the end of 2017 Malaky joined The Werehouse after being recruited by Aewon Wolf. The first single from the female duo titled “Forever Down,” was written and recorded by Yashna with Kelly on drums. The music video of the single received airplay on Channel O’s show ‘Alternative Nation,’ and was performed at The New Polo Launch, their first major event, alongside acclaimed artists such as Kyle Deutsch, Kaien Cruz and Sketchy Bongo, held at The Werehouse.

Yashna and Kelly Bigara remain under the mentorship of Aewon Wolf, but have chosen to focus on pursuing their musical endeavors as individual artists.

Yashna is currently in studio working on her debut EP “Phases of my Broken Heart,” displaying the different layers to her sound by providing listeners with a variety of genres in her project, a true reflection of her as an artist, not being confined to any particular sound. From RnB, Soul, Alternative, Pop to Hip Hop and Trap, if Yashna believes and vibes with a beat, she will not hesitate to lay her vocals on them. The project is set to release in late May featuring the likes of Durban’s finest up and coming artists and producers such as Neo Ndawo, Chris Snakes, Audio Simz and JayB, just to name a few. ‘Tables’ ft Loki, a single from her up and coming EP, was aired January 13th 2018 on Gagasi FM’s The Fresh Cutt. She recently dropped another single off of her project titled ‘Lost Souls,’ before the final release of her EP.

This powerful female vocalist is committed to music and continues to spend as much time as she can in studio, constantly breathing life into her craft by performing and collaborating with other incredible local creatives. She is excited about her future in music, grateful for the impactful souls that she has met along the way, and wholeheartedly embraces her unique musical journey. Yashna envisions a future where she will be recognized for her God-given talent as a world-renowned, accomplished singer and songwriter.

Thanks so much for reading, hope to see you again :)

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