Aromat partners with Zozi Tunzi to host a virtual dinner experience

Aromat set to host a ‘once in a lifetime’ virtual dining experience with Miss Universe, Zozi Tunzi.

“Whenever I have to put a grocery list together, I realise how much I miss home – when I can’t find the things I want. The other day I wanted Aromat, and I wanted Aromat so bad. Nobody could understand what I was going through. Being surrounded by my culture, and my people is something that I will always miss the most.” – Zozibini Tunzi earlier this year.

It is this very message that has inspired South Africa’s most loved seasoning brand, Aromat to team up with Zozibini Tunzi for a one of a kind ‘Taste of Home’ virtual dining experience. This virtual event will take place on the 12th of June 2020. The dinner will bring South Africans ‘together’ and spread positivity during a time where staying home is the new normal not only in South Africa but around the world. This one of a kind virtual event will have 12 lucky Aromat lovers come together and enjoy good food and great conversations with a special guest, Zozi.

Says Aromat Brand Lead Thobeka Mkhize: “When Zozibini shared that what she misses the most about home is Aromat, we quickly responded with “iAromat iyeza so you can #ShakeTheWholeThingUp koNew York” (Aromat is coming your way so that you can #ShakeTheWholeThingUp in New York). An Aromat care package was sent to Zozi while we quietly worked on an even bigger surprise for her – a ‘Taste of Home’ dinner in New York. Soon after that, COVID-19 spread across the world; the borders were closed, airports were shut down and soon everyone  was homebound. We didn’t allow this to deter us – we pivoted and the idea of hosting a virtual “Taste of Home” dinner for Zozi and Mzansi’s top Aromat lovers came about. The collaboration aims to inspire proudly ‘Aromat Mzansi’ moments during this time by giving people a chance to share a meal, laugh, and chat with Zozi Tunzi virtually”.

When asked why she is happy to be collaborating with Aromat, Zozi said, “It’s no secret that I love Aromat. It’s been a part of my family and many other South African homes for a very long time. It’s just one of those staple items that you can’t go without. Have you ever tried eggs without Aromat? Heartbreaking!” 

As a brand that is well-known for always bringing a light-hearted perspective to any situation, Aromat believes that humour and laughter builds stronger bonds amongst people which is exactly what the world needs right now. During these uncertain times, both South Africans and the world at large could do with moments of laughter to uplift them. The ‘Taste of Home’ dinner experience will not be short of laughter. Lebogang Tlokana, who is known as “The Funny Chef” on social media, will be attending the dinner as MC. Tlokana is a well-known private chef, actress and comedian.

“Aromat has a unique flavour which consumers love but can’t quite describe. The brand evokes many fond memories for South Africans. Aromat is known for its palpable energy expressed through Mzansi inspired humour and its social nature amongst friends and family. What better way to connect people and our very own Miss Universe, Zozi Tunzi than through joy, laughter and tasty South African food sprinkled with the most-loved Aromat seasoning,” adds Mkhize.

Zozi and her family have enjoyed Aromat since she was a child and have incorporated it into many family meals.  “Whenever I think about Aromat I think about all my big family dinners. Every morning after Christmas when we take out garbage there’s always empty Aromat packets that were used for almost every savoury dish. I usually substitute salt with Aromat when I cook. A trick I stole from my big sister. It adds unbelievable flavour,” adds Tunzi.

To stand a chance of being invited visit and engage with Aromat’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter social media platforms from the first of June 2020. Entrants will be required to answer a few questions and may enter as many times as they wish.

The full prize package includes a virtual dinner experience with Miss Universe, Zozi Tunzi, a ring light as well as an ingredient box to make the chosen meal.

The 12th of June is going to be a big day not only for the winners who will participate in the virtual dinner, but for Zozi as well who has been away from her family and friends for some time. “I’m looking forward to sharing good old Mzansi stories over good food and company,” concludes Zozi.

#MyRadioPeople : Yezulu Dube

Why radio? I got hooked to radio in my preteens, I heard Linda “Mr Magic Sibiya on the radio one afternoon and I loved radio ever since. I loved and I was intrigued by the way he made me feel happy and I told my young self then that I want to do the same.

Which other radio stations have you worked at? I’ve been team #InandaFM ever since.

Did you study radio? Before getting into radio I did a course with Dinneocomms. It was quite informative and it interesting being taught by one of the best in the industry Makhosi Khoza and Boni Xaba.*

Besides Radio, which other side projects are you currently busy with or are involved in? I have a “9 to 5” which consumes more of my time than I would like, with the rest of the time I put in the effort to become the best radio personality I can be.

Who is your South African Radio Icon? Yoh! Can I name a few? In no particular order Phat Joe, Fresh, Ntombikayise Phiri, Mroza and Tbo Touch.

What can we expect from you in the next 5 years? Definitely doing more than just radio. My passion is seeing people heal and thrive so that is the direction of my aspirations*

How often do you listen to other radio stations and which radio stations do you usually listen to? Not as often as I would like to. I listen mostly to Radio 2000. Listening to other radio stations helps me learn and grow.

What has working on radio taught you? To respect my craft/profession, always be open to learning and that it’s not about me, it’s just through me*

What advice can you give to aspiring radio broadcasters? Don’t wait to be hired by a radio station to start practicing your craft. Trust me when I say those links do in front of the mirror or when you alone will help you in the long run. Never stop learning, never stop trying. Volunteer if you can. And most importantly, ZAZI (know they self).

#MyRadioPeople : Kwazi Khoza

Why radio? Well radio was not something I could run away from as my mom started her radio career in 1993 at Ukhozi fm. So at a young age radio was part of my life.  When I was in matric I knew that I wanted to be in the entertainment industry. I saw myself acting, singing and being a tv presenter (LOL).  Radio was never part of the plan until 2004 when I fell in love with it. 

Which other radio stations have you worked at? Started training at Mr Price Red Cap radio in 2006. That was such a special time for me because I got to learn everything about radio from running the desk, handling content and presenting a show. I was trained by the brilliant David Yapp who believed in my talent from day one.

Then I made my way to DYR where I read the news.

I took a break from radio for a few years until the desire to go back started giving me sleepless nights. So in 2014 I approached Thulan Tee Zondi of Inanda FM . I joined his Saturday weekend show as an entertainment reporter and co- producer. It was at that moment that I felt I was at the right place in terms of content producing.

After Inanda Fm I briefly worked at East Coast Radio producing East Coast Urban that was hosted by Bongani Mtolo, Things didn’t work out so well at ECR & I was left heart broken by what happened, however through the support of my parents I pulled myself out of that dark place. 

In 2016 I joined Mpumalanga commercial radio station called Rise Fm which is based in Nelspruit. I produced the breakfast show & the mid morning show for 2 years. Had the best time of my life ,… I needed that time away from Durban .

In 2018 I got the call and I joined Gagasi fm where I started producing The Kings Drive with SPHEctacula & DJ Naves. Currently I am the producer of the lunchtime show called Noma Yini with DJ Lesoul, Heazy & Flymotion.

Did you study radio? No I didn’t study radio . I studied Media & Communications at UKZN Howard College. Unfortunately my course didn’t offer practical stuff, we were just fed theory only & that frustrated me. I realised then that I would have to get the practical experience on my own. Which is why in 2006 I called Red Cap Radio & asked to train there.

 Besides Radio, which other side projects are you currently busy with or are involved in? I work behind the scenes in television as a scriptwriter. I also do events . I work together with my Gagasi fm colleague and comedian Flymotion. We have done a few very successful comedy shows around KZN. The one that is a huge highlight for me is a sold out comedy show we did in February this year at the Playhouse Theatre. I will never ever forget that night.

Who is your South African Radio Icon? I have a few for different reasons. The two that stick to my mind definitely has to be Dudu ‘’Lady D ‘’ Khoza. She has the ability to engage with everyone at any level. No matter what your age is Lady D will communicate with you and she will leave an impression. Her personality alone eases you into a comfortable space as a listener. No day is ever the same when you listen to her show. She keeps you on her toes and that is what I love about her.

The second has to be Collen Zondo from Gagasi Fm. That man is a genius. His voice is perfect , his ability to provide content for his own show and then oh my goodness when he delivers that content on air, its amazing. I have the honour of seeing him in action at Gagasi Fm and Im always in Awe of his dedication and talent. 

What can we expect from you in the next 5 years? Believe it or not but I want to branch off into the corporate space and do it full time. I mean I have to put my Media Degree to good use (LOL) . Apart from that I want to bring life to my tv concepts that I plan to shoot under my production company.

How often do you listen to other radio stations and which radio stations do you usually listen to? I consume radio all day every day. I admit that I radio station hop. Weekend radio is my ultimate favourite . I enjoy listening to different radio stations on specific times. In my car Gagasi fm is always on . At home I listen to Inanda fm weekend shows, Ukhozi fm party time shows, I also love chart shows, but the stations that I mostly listen to are ; 

1) Gagasi fm

2) Ukhozi fm

3) Inanda Fm

4) Umhlobo Wenene

5) Vibe fm

6) Ligwalagwala Fm

What has working on radio taught you? Radio has taught me to grow up really really fast. You have to put your emotions aside and be a team player especially if you are doing a show that has many personalities on it. I have learnt to deal with presenters ego’s ,radio politics and making sure that my presenters respect me and my work. Respect is earned in radio, if you are there to take chancers and you don’t know your story, people will immediately pick up on it and take advantage of you because you don’t know what you stand for.

What advice can you give to aspiring radio broadcasters? Study Study Study . Do not underestimate the power of community radio. That is essential in owning your craft. Don’t rush to make money and be famous because you will fizzle out and you will lose . Humble yourself and learn as much as you can from your managers and the people who have been in the game for longer. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, you can never ever know everything. Lastly don’t be sucked into the world of social media, use other ways to get your content that will be relatable and relevant to your listeners.

Zakes Bantwini steps onto global stage with LAUV collaboration

Zakes Bantwini is stepping onto the global stage with a high-profile collaboration with Lauv, the world’s most successful independent artist. Take a listen here.

The South African producer’s remix of Lauv’s smash hit “Modern Loneliness” is released today as part of Lauv’s Modern Loneliness Remix EP that features contributions by nine handpicked collaborators from around the world.

Alongside Bantwini, these are Ghostt (Brazil), Merk & Kremont (Italy), Diskover (Brazil), LVNDSCAPE (Netherlands), Vaundy (Japan), Sihan (China), MYGAL (Spain) and Ritviz (India).

Sarah Jane Nicholson (Bantwini’s manager) described the selection of Bantwini for the Lauv remix project as an important step forward in “amplifying my ambition to bridge the gap between Africa and the rest of world”. “Having Zakes remix this track amongst nine top global producers is an honour and a high-profile endorsement of Africa’s important role in the international music scene.

The original version of Lauv’s “Modern Loneliness” has reached 50 million global audio and video streams and has been described by the UK music publication NME as “a truly astonishing piece of songwriting that perfectly nails the millennial condition”. “Modern Loneliness” is one of the tracks on Lauv’s acclaimed debut album ~how i’m feeling~ which was released in March this year.

In South Africa, Lauv’s singles have already enjoyed placement across all major streaming platforms with “Modern Loneliness” currently charting on Jacaranda FM and is on high rotation playlisting on all major stations including 5FM, KFM, 947 and ECR. The 24-year-old American singer, songwriter and producer’s music is also supported by a number of South Africans including Rubber Duc, Jimmy Nevis and The Voice finalist, Amy Tjasink. 

Lauv is recognised as the most successful independent artist of the current era. Since surfacing in 2015, he has had over 4.7 billion career audio streams and 1 billion video views. Bantwini’s irresistible remix of “Modern Loneliness”, along with those of the other eight producers, is set to add to those numbers.

Zakes Bantwini & Leroy Styles come together with a new collaboration titled YEKOWAM which will be released via Paradise Sound System on the 26th June 2020. 

Leroy Styles stands for groove, minimal and funky techno or as he likes to call it “just house”. From the early 90’s, when he fell in love with house music, till this day when Leroy is considered one of the most successful DJ’s in the Dutch club scene. We can’t wait to share this Summer Banger with you!

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