DJ Fisherman’s Statememnt On #MuteMampintsha

In relation to my post about #MuteMampintsha and removing my song “Glama” that features Mampintsha off my project.

Firstly I just want to put on record that I do not support any form of abuse and I strongly condemn my colleague Mampintsha for laying a hand on his partner Babes Wodumo, no matter the circumstances as men we should never resort to violence to solve issues.

My issue here is after the ordeal occurred, it seemed to be affecting far more people than the people concerned.

Is it not time to start finding solutions within this unregulated industry?

I feel this is the time to address these issues.

The underlying questions that we cannot escape is “What happens to the artists that have made music with Mampintsha over years?” Many of them are producers who do not generate an income through gigs and events, they play instruments, write songs and do backup vocals. What happens to them? Their time, energy, talent and investments they put into making music, what happens to them in this case?

Music industry is the only big industry that does not take care of its own and secure the future of musicians.

Think about it this could still happen to others in future, an artist gets into a different but similar situation & more innocent people become casualties.  All I’m asking is, is it not time Government protects and regulates arts?

Maybe start some sort of insurance fund or any sort of financial backing for any future problems that may arise.

You pay a certain amount of money and should you ever go broke (you get a lump-sum or 3 months cash injection for you to find your feet and make more music to kick start your career again).

Maybe also add basic financial education as a standard procedure before allowing the release of a debut album. I don’t know really how to put this but I’m writing this hoping it reaches parliament and the art department.

The music industry is dying a slow death because there are loopholes that need serious leadership and thinking to fix. Musicians are not just entertainers who must be called in to entertain and it ends there. We serve the same purpose as Doctors, inventors, teachers and any other career. The arts need experts to assess and design structures to guide it through different challenges.

A man should not have enough power to destroy other people’s careers and dreams. We cannot allow the system to reduce us to that level. There should be individual consequences. A man must take the heat for his actions. Don’t involve people who are innocent and I say this thinking of all the kids that make music and are unknown who depend of royalties to survive. Think about them too, this issue goes way beyond Mampintsha or this sad situation. Now that we are here let’s deal with it for the future so everyone knows their actions will have serious implications and those implications may come in hefty fines or whatever punishment. In a soccer team if a player gets a red card – the whole team does not get muted the individual gets muted. We should look towards something similar.

In closing I just want to say I have opted to leave out the song in respect of the people that support my music but I also would like you to think about what I said and I call on politicians and all stakeholders to help us fix this broken system. The time has come!


Sounds & Taste EP:

Artist Spotlight : Mpilo Thwala El Koba

Born in a small town called Nongoma, Koba made his parents and peers proud with his God
given singing talent. The 26 year old Mpilo Thwala gets his name “Koba” from the movie
‘’Dawn of the planet of apes”. He says he liked the character so much that he felt like if he did
things just like the movie Koba, he would be more proud of himself.
Having started making music back in 2012, he has learnt and mastered a lot. Rnb is his strongest
point. His ability to switch from notes to flows is amazingly beautiful. Koba raps too,but he is
big on singing. After high school he went and studied journalism in Durban University of
Technology, but the music calling was too loud to ignore. Koba has shared a stage with the likes
of Ok Malum cool cat, Babes wodumo, junior da rocka, Ricky rick and more. He has also
performed on events such as Ink hop festival, Can do, Miss DUT, Umhlathuze beach fest, etc.
Koba has a music video for the song “get better” which is about to hit the tv screens. Before that,
he shot one with two international artists, Accrue and Mc Drew. The music video is called
Lambo and it’s available on youtube. He has had interviews on radio stations such as Igagasi fm,
Vuma fm, Mega heat zone fm, vibe fm, Inanda fm, DYR fm, North coast fm, Radio DUT fm,etc.
He has performed and got the thumbs up from uKhozi’s Mroza when there was the football
match which was held in Mkhuze. His fans respect him for his songs like 80’s, why, get better,
what do you want, go easy, Stacy, crazy and many more.


Insta: ape_Koba

Twitter :@eltweezykoba

Facebook :Mpilo Thwala.

Bookings :0722055003 (call and whatsapp)

Or email

Creative Woman Crush : Andile Lorraine Sibiya

Andile Lorraine Sibiya, a passionate South African Designer/ Artist that is spreading self-love through her talent. She began designing in 2016 whilst doing first-year graphic design at Durban University Of Technology. Over the years she has done various design work for local business such as branding, event posters, art covers and most recent illustrations for influential people such as Bheka Mchunu from uKhozi fm.

She has expressed that how hustling at the age of 22 has given an opportunity to see how our Nation has lost faith and happiness, which is why her work strongly addresses the need for Africans to own happens. It is evident that she is highly influenced by the Black Consciousness ideology. This young female designer is owning her voice and we hear her loud and clear. She is excited about her future in the social space because she aims to touch the lives of African people globally through her gorgeous artworks. 2019 is looking up for her, Andile is also part of S.A Bloggers, a blog that is owned by Sandile Sandy Nene. What a great way to begin the year, we will be following her career to get more inspired.

Ig: @andilelorraine     Fb: Andile Lorraine Sibiya     Email:     Cell: 078 979 4722

Hustlers Corner: Cebo Mbatha AKA CB NoGhost

Cebo Mbatha who goes by the stage name CB NoGhost was born in Northern, KwaZulu Natal, eShowe on the 10th of April 1989.
He attended both Ntabazazuma High School in Nkangala and Gcwalulwazi High School in Gezinsila Township, eShowe.
“Nothing beats writing a song that describes exactly what you’re feeling. It’s almost like your heart wrote the song itself. Words can be hard to find, music finds them for us” – CB NoGhost
Growing up he has always been influenced by the greatest legends in African music history and abroad which led to his love for music to grow from the time he started writing his own tunes in 2007 and was fortunate enough to hit the studio and start recording in 2008.
With the digital world we live in, he has had the opportunity of connecting his brand and collaborate with musicians outside South African; Young Gun (USA), Maffera, Big C (Amsterdam) and locally MbuIphanta, VistoDaDj and Sibah Music.
His hard work and influence has helped him find himself sharing a stage with the likes of Zakwe, Duncan, Mzulu, Mbuso Khoza, LUS Crew and Sandile Ngcamu.

Facebook page :Cb NoGhost

Twitter @Cb_NoGhost

Instagram @Cb_NoGhost

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