The countdown to DJ Fresh and Shona SA’s long anticipated single is officially over- the two alongside songstress Yoca have released a love story titled By the Water.

By the water is an ancient African love story of a girl smitten by a boy from her village. Their love story was not smooth sails as traditions and laws banned them from being in each other’s company or  seen together until the young man had paid lobola. Young love could not wait; consequently, water holes and wells became common rendezvous spots for their secret love. It is in this light that the girl in the song says to her lover “meet me by the water”. Yoca delivers very sweet pitched lyrics accompanied by catchy chord progression and an energetic lead synth and bass sitting over beautiful African percussion by Shona and Fresh.

“Working with DJ Fresh has been an amazing, eye opening experience.  I was nervous at first, thought I wouldn’t meet his expectations but time trumped those nerves and our work bond and studio chemistry was discovered which made it loads of fun,” shared Shona SA. He went on to add that Yoca is like a younger sister to him. From the first time he heard her sing RnB he made a mental note that he would work with her one day.

“I love working with new people, young, fresh talent. Our continent is full of raw talent like our minerals, we need to stop exporting and letting someone else dictate what we do with what we have. Working with Yoca and Shona SA has been nothing short of amazing; they hit the ball out the park!” exclaimed DJ Fresh.  Icarus was the first collaboration Fresh and Shona SA worked on together prior to By the Water.

By the Water is available across all digital platforms.
Video: Click here

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