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Artist Of The Week: Senzeni Tshuma aka Dr Senzo

Born in Nkomazi, Mpumalanga province UKZN alumnus, Dr Senzeni Mzwandile Tshuma is striking a balance between his love for medicine and his passion for music, as he pursues a career in music alongside his medical duties. Tshuma who goes by the stage name of “Dr Senzo” has released numerous singles on iTunes and is set to release more titled: Our Love, Ngekebalunge and Jaiva Baby. He defines his usual sound as Soul and RnB but notes that his latest offerings incorporate a mix of different genres from Deep House to Gqom and Afro Soul.

‘With this new music I’ve shown people how versatile I can be and what I can do,’ says Dr Senzo. Tshuma says that his love for music started from an early age and he performed from the age of nine, teaching himself to play the guitar and writing songs at the tender age of 14. He draws inspiration from musicians like John Legend, Mali Music, Samthing Soweto and Earl Klugh. Tshuma added that his continued hard work has enabled him to meet industry greats like DJ Spectacular, Mzokoloko and Beast and afforded him the chance to record at DJ Sox’s studio and work with his talented producer Csharp. ‘I’m really grateful for what God has done for me so far. Getting a chance to work at DJ Sox’s studio and make music has been the greatest gift. I will continue working hard and I know more doors will open and I will release more great music for people to enjoy,’ he. Known as ‘Dr Bae’ on social media, speaks about his childhood as someone who enjoyed playing and watching soccer with his friends. Tshuma noted that his love for people and seeing them happy was one of the reasons he pursued Medicine. He attributed his dedication at school to his parents, who instilled the importance of education from a young age. Tshuma has also launched a clothing line – drsenzo_merchandise, which he believes will be a huge success. He urged his fans to look out for his new singles scheduled for release this year. ‘I won’t stop pursuing my music because it satisfies my soul,’ he said.

Interesting facts:

-A Self taught guitarist

-Writes and sings own music

-A motivational speaker

-Loves Fashion and perfumes

-A traveling enthusiast

Dr Senzo’s Music

The St Lucia Experience With Samport Travel & Heritage Tours

I was one of the few influencers invited for the North Coast Takeover with Samport Travel by Heritage Tours in St Lucia. We were whisked from Durban via Cee Tours and checked in Umlilo Lodge while the other group spent their first night at Heritage house, after checking in we got to experience a sunset drive at St Lucia Dunes views and enjoyed a beautiful dinner in the bushes.

Travel Crew. Pic by Aluta Humbane.

The following day we had to wake up very early to get ready for The Big 5 Safari Game Drive and after driving around and spotting a few animals from the wild we stopped at Centenary Centre where the guys at Heritage tours prepared breakfast for us so we could continue with the road. Loved the items at Vulamehlo Craft Market but were not there for long as more hours of driving in the bushes awaited us. Lunch was had at Sontuli Picnic Spot and yes you may have guessed right, we had it my favourite way, South African braai style.

I am very grateful to have been asked by Miss Portia Mkhize to be a part of this experience and got to make new friends and future business associates. Asking Sanele from Bathathe CookOut about the tour, this is what he had to say;

“Bathathe being just a year old was quite fortunate to get such exposure. The variety of skills and knowledge from the group that was put together made it even more fruitful for Bathathe. The fact that we got to meet in such a relaxed environment made it easy to break the ice and connect. You often find that if you meet people purely on business terms in a formal setup it becomes difficult to know and understand their character but the trip gave us an opportunity to see people for exactly who they are beyond the profession they are in. The lodges we visited were beautiful and the fact that there are animals that roam the street at night in the area does give you a sense of being away from the busy life making you relax and refresh. The area does command you to keep it clean just by how it’s well maintained and kept clean by the locals and you can actually see that locals take pride in keeping it like that. The game drive was fun even though the weather wasn’t the favourable one. The team tasked with driving us around the reserve are very knowledgeable and comfortable in what they do which builds interest to the guests to want to know more about the reserve and even refer it to other outdoor lifestyle and nature lovers. Even though we could breakfast individually the dinner time with everyone around the table assured that we stayed engaged and touched base with everyone. As Bathathe we are about bringing people together through food and entertainment while giving the opportunity to the small business and art entrepreneurs a platform to showcase to that crowd so being in the midst of that group made us realize that we on the right track when we saw what wonderful and great things are being done by the different individuals in that group. We grow up being thought to study and finding a job in the corporate space and that entire group proved that there’s more to life for the youth do as entrepreneurs than being incorporate. We actually believe that given time to have more such meetings/outings will give birth to lifechanging collaborations. Thanks to Samport Travel, Umlazi Tourism and the Safari for giving an opportunity to be part of such. My highlight was Aluta being the glue for the entire group by making sure that sonke besiRight and laughing” – Says founder of Bathathe CookOut, Gcina Sanele Ndlovu.

Miss Portia Mkhize. Pic by Aluta Humbane.
Read my interview with Portia, founder of Samport Travel.
  • When was your company founded and what persuaded you to? That is a very broad question, – from the time I was young, I had a lot of opportunities to travel and study abroad, namely after being chosen to be Model United Nations ambassador, and my first international trip was to New York and Washington DC. And that is when the seed was first planted, I then came back and studied a Wits University, and as my working career started, I worked in corporate, for businesses Like, Hollard, Discovery Health, FNB just to name a few, but my personality and what I was doing was just not making me happy until I met a lady from Flight Centre, who asked me to apply, and a month later after the long interview process, I was hired as flighty. And that is when “I fell in love with travel”…the excitement behind planning a holiday for someone else, and giving it your best, whether they have a beer budget or Champagne. The satisfaction of when they come back and say, thank you Portia, that was truly indeed an amazing holiday, you exceeded our expectations! That was satisfying enough for me, I was then manager at one of their branches in Fourways 8 months after joining, the group, it was exciting, and that is when I learned more about running the business. 4 years later I moved to Durban and worked for Comair ltd ( kulula and British Airways) and that is where I now larned about airport operations and that broadened my knowledge and understanding of Travel. And then one morning, I woke up and I told my mom, Ï am going to start my own travel agency…and the rest is still untold history.
  • What do you enjoy most about what you do? Apart from travelling, fam trips and other educational, I thrive on compliments, so doing my work so well and getting the recognition for what I do, and also empowering youth who want to join the travel industry, makes me enjoy my work better.
  • Which are some of the best tours you have taken in your company? The first time I took my interns to Johannesburg. It was their first time flying, sleeping at a hotel, and seeing Johbugh for the first time. And the excitement in their faces was priceless, and it made me realise that as a people, there some things that we take for granted. And obviously the trip we did now with @heritage tours and KZN influencers.
  • Which tours are common at Samport Travel? Let me put it this way we are not a tour operating company, we are a travel management company. We do leisure packages and corporate. Tours are part of the experience we give to our customers when they book both locally and internationally.
  • Have you had return clients? Why do you think it is important to have a good relationship with your clients? Half my monthly sales are based on repeat clients, and to me, that indicates that we must be doing something right.
  • Tell us about your academic records; With regards to travel, I have earned awards and numerous certificates, that have qualified me to do what I do. I did not study travel, I fell into travel and I wish when I was younger, we had options and it wasn’t just about being a doctor, teacher or an accountant, And I am not complaining about my accounting, it helps me manage the business a little bit better.
  • I know that you work with a lot of students, do you choose the institutions you prefer working with? I love sharing knowledge and upskilling youth. No, I do not choose the institutions I work with, for now, they have approached me. I am currently working on something to change that though….
  • Where did you go on your last international holiday? China and Thailand- 15 day trip with my family
  • Where are you hoping to go next? I would love to do Africa, there some amazing countries that are definitely on my bucket list.
  • What’s on your bucket list in terms of African Tourism this year? Duh! Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Egypt, Mozambique and Lesotho.
  • What don’t you ever leave behind when travelling? Passport and body lotion.
  • 5 essentials you can not complete a day without? My phone, laptop, juice( I don’t like water), lipstick and my prescription glasses.
  • What’s next for Samport Travel? I am a dreamer, and to be an entrepreneur, you need to dream very big that your dreams give you nightmares. However on a short term basis, we are looking at adding new departments, within the company ( room for growth and to hire more interns- I can’t really say what, all I can say is that tourism students should keep glued to our pages, so that they don’t miss out)
  • What are you currently offering for first-time travellers? The beauty of travel is that there are no small or big holidays. Your heart guides you and I make suggestions, work around your budget and make sure, where ever we take you, you will have a blast and mostly get value for your money.
  • Motivation to tourism students? Tourism is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world and South Africa is becoming one of the most popular destinations. So trust me, you are in the right place. And the best part is, you do not need money to participate in tourism, for example, I started my business with a laptop and a good Wifi connection. I always tell my students that, being on Florida road, or at the beach or even Ka Max, as soon as you take a picture and you post it, you have actively participated in tourism, accept for that picture will make the other person money. There are many ways of having s travel business, like for example, post pictures about your township, partner with people on your street that sell amagwinya, and #bestamagwinya Usection Umlazi, /call me ….…or the best beadwork and traditional wear, you will find @…#myculture my heritage…simple things like that, so that when tourist come, they know where to find you and what is exciting about your area. And stay informed, watch the travel channel, read travel novels and books and know your map.

An exclusive Interview With Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa

  • What did you enjoy most about working on the short film Lace?The whole experience was amazing. Competing against the very best the world in the 48 hours challenge and placing second overall out of over 5000 submissions was such a proud moment for me as a South African and Actress. 
  • Did you audition for the role or you were approached? I was approached two months before the whole production began. Filmapalooza @ 48 Hour Film Project is an international film festival and competition in which every country is given 48 hours to shoot and produce a film. We were all briefed online and given a film genre to run with, and we got Sci-Fi. We didn’t sleep at all as we had to conceptualise, film and edit the project within a 48-hours. It was such a thrilling experience and one of the reasons I love acting so much.
  • What attracted you to begin a career as an actress? I was inspired by the Sarafina movie. I grew up in Soweto understanding that you had to get a 9 to 5 job in order to have a good standard of life. From watching Sarafina, I just made up my mind and decided that I wanted to be an actress rather than a doctor.
  • When was your first role as an actor? My first role was at I was about 15/16 years old. I actually stole the script while my mother was on set and after reading it, I just knew I wanted to play this character. I secretly auditioned for the role, and I remember the producer shouting, “who’s child is this” and asking me where my mother was. That’s how I got the role, and I have never looked back since.
  • What has been your greatest accomplishment as an actress? I believe as an actress; I haven’t reached my greatest accomplishment yet. My journey has been more of a learning curve. I believe I’m still learning more, and hopefully, God will keep guiding me.  I do have an international award, which is the biggest thing for me but I’m still gunning for an Oscar and more.
  • Describe your acting style; I love acting in films where there is a lot of energy, fun, and a light environment.
  • What kind of roles do you prefer? I love performance rich roles, and I think South Africa still needs to get used to such roles. I believe my character in The Herd is getting there and we started her as a nice girl, but in the end, people will be wondering how did she change. I am enjoying seeing the change in my character, which is a result of the great partnership and understanding I have with the director, Danny Miller. I love working with directors who are like that. He’s amazing!
  • If you weren’t famous, what would you be up to right now? If I wasn’t famous, I would have been a psychologist. I love getting too deep into the human psyche, helping people find solutions to the brokenness. This might be because of my life journey and some of my experiences.
  • Tell me about a time when you had a really bad day but had to perform that night. How did you get through it? When I was shooting a Rockville scene, a tabloid paper had just written a terrible story about me. I remember stepping onto the set and telling myself, so what if people are talking about me, and I need to perform because I know I didn’t do anything wrong.  I just put on my big girl shoes and moved on.
  • What’s your annoying habit? My most annoying habit is that I do not communicate how I’m feeling when my co-actors are not giving me their all.
  • What actor would you rate as a perfect 10? Pamela Nomvete. She is intense and never overperforms, and she has passion in her eyes. I would love to perform with her because I am also passionate, so it would nice just to share the same energy on set.
  • Who is your inspiration? My inspiration is definitely Leleti Khumalo. She inspired me because of how well she told the Sarafina story. She inspired me to become who I am today.
  • What would you like remembered about you? I would love to be remembered for who I am. To be remembered for my smile, for loving people and also for being an artist who never gave up. I would love to be remembered as a philanthropist who in her own way helped changed the perception of South Africa and the continent as a whole.
  • What is one message you would give to your fans? Never stop, keep walking. Fall a thousand times. Sometimes you’re just getting a lesson. Keep walking with those scars. Listen. Keep educating yourself and work hard until you make your dreams a reality.

Take a #Shotleft at an Affordable Price With Shuttle Lady by Zama Ngwenya

Founded by Ms Zamantimande Ngwenya, The Shuttlelady is a Johannesburg based women shuttle service provider.

“We exist to take care of the women traveller transportation needs,whether on business,holiday or moving around locally”

“This woman to woman transport affair, is ensured by us having well mannered, experienced and safety conscious well trained drivers for our clients”

  • Why the name ‘Shuttle lady’? 
This name defines my market.
I’m all about women for travel and entertainment.
This came after Identifying a gap in the market,for single women and for those who want girls out,including the female international traveller.
Remember the safety issue is of paramount importance for international clients when visiting any foreign country,including South Africa.
It becomes more crucial when it’s a woman or women therefore the presence of a woman during a tour from meeting at the airport throughout the tour,make them feel at ease.This is what they always say”I feel safe to be driven by a woman”.
  • How long has your business been running for?

The business has been operating since July 2016.

  • Why a business in travel?
Much as I haven’t travel much,but I like to explore and meet new people.
I am passionate with customer service,and the only way you can stay in this type of business is to render a Super excellent service,and put a smile on the face of your client.
  • Which has been your most successful tours?

All my tours are successful, but the latest which ended Saturday 13April-it was a family it was SUPER👌👌👌

  • What do you enjoy most about conducting these tours?
Each tour is unique therefore you learn different ways to organise,you meet new people and characters and lastly but not least the appreciation from clients.
  • During which time of the year are you mostly booked?

Nov-May as most international clients visit us because its summer.

  • Where in SA do you love or enjoy to go on holiday?
Cape town,Durban,Mpumalanga and Hoedspruit at Umhlametsi Game reserve.
  • Do you only host tours in South Africa?

Yes for now.

  • What makes Shuttle Lady stand out?

I can die for my clients and my country South Africa, to make sure I leave them with sweet memories.

Remember I’m representing and selling my country South Africa.
Therefore it is important that I come all out to ensure the safety and hospitality of my clients until they depart.
  • Most people travel to relax and for you this is a job, what do you do to take some time off work?

I just don’t have tours on dates I want to take a break.

  • Why should people choose Shuttle Lady?
We treat our clients not like Kings, but like babies we handle them with the utmost care .
They are guaranteed safety, smile and sweet lasting memories.
Departure Time:14h00
Return time:02h00(Morning)
Visit the Lokshin Shebeen at Sun City where you will Buy and Braai
Booze till you drop.
Play and have fun.
Price: R450
Food and drinks excluded
May Dates:
4May 2019
25May 2019
June Dates:
July Dates

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