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Hey Durban! Are You Ready For MONOPOLY?

Durbanites are in for another memorable surprise! MONOPOLY, the original fast-dealing property trading game that everybody knows and loves, is coming to our shores and creating a localised Durban city edition.

Traditionally, anyone playing the legendary board game got to know the tourist attractions and highlights of London, with the UK edition being the most widely played outside of the UK.  Locations were included, such as The Angel, an Islington feature, even though this address is not a street in London, but in fact a building (and the name of the road intersection it is located at).

Regional versions of the MONOPOLY game have been produced for the last 20 years, and to date, the game is licensed in 103 countries, with South Africa currently on this illustrious list for the National South African Board, as well as the Cape Town regional feature.

The BEST part about the MONOPOLY Durban version coming to our shores is the fact that Durbanites will be encouraged to be part of the selection process to choose which recognisable city hotspots will appear on the final board, to be on shelves around November 2017.

A dedicated MONOPOLY Durban Facebook page will be created that will be the home for voting, and where the final location choices will be announced.From Wednesday, the 10th of May, for two weeks, MONOPOLY enthusiasts are invited to nominate Durban properties via the MONOPOLY Durban page:

There will be localised ‘Community Chest’ and ‘Chance’ playing cards, so feel free to submit Durban’s most popular phrases and words to be used for this purpose as well. Local brands are also encouraged to get involved and sponsor locations to have their properties featured on the board.

The MONOPOLY Durban announcement comes hot on the heels of the resounding success of the Cape Town regional version that was launched to local residents last year.

Robert Osborne, Sales Manager at Winning Moves, London, notes that “Over the past years we have witnessed the city of Durban establishing itself as one of the premier destinations of choice for entertainment and leisure in the country. Durban has also served as host to some of the most prestigious social events in the country as well.”

David Sommer, Mr Monopoly and Robert Osborne

“Durban has long been one of the regions on our list of targets, and this year seems like the perfect year for us to create the MONOPOLY Durban regional version. We’re extremely excited to see how it’s received and have high hopes that Durban will be the second of many South African regional MONOPOLY games to be launched in upcoming years,” concludes Osborne.

Winning Moves, manufacturers of the official Durban version of MONOPOLY under license from Hasbro, says the game will be on shop shelves around November 2017.

MONOPOLY first hit shop shelves in 1935 – and since then has been played by more than 500 million people. Today it is played in 111 countries and enjoyed in 43 different languages.

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Profile Feature: Yonela Shenxane

Yonela Shenxane is a 22 year old lady who is currently signed to two of South Africa’s best modelling agencies, her mother agency being BOSS Models in Johannesburg and the other being ICE Models in Cape Town.

Her love for the world of entertainment started in 2013 when she walked onto the music video set for Gusheshe, a song by South African Hip Hop recording artist Cassper Nyovest.  The set was produced by Nicky Campos which is a music video and film production company based in Johannesburg.  She had been on the set to accompany an industry friend and when Nicky asked her to do a simple scene feature, she reluctantly went for it.

A month after the insignificant scene feature on Cassper’s music video, Yonela was offered the opportunity to work with Nicky again but now she would be appearing as a main character on Shota’s (born Mnqobi Mdabe) music video for a song titled Ben10.  Shota is a South African singer, producer and songwriter.  The music video served as her very first TV appearance.  

She then began to realise her love for the small screen and wanted to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.  Yonela then realised that she needed to get signed to a reputable agency that represented talent and commercial models, because in that way she could grow more in the industry.

Her modelling career kicked off in 2014 when she got signed with Alushi Models, after being turned down by several agencies including BOSS Models.

Yonela further explored the industry later that year, by being selected to appear as a character on a reality TV show called Take Me Out SA, which aired on SABC1 and was hosted by Phat Joe. The show had one season and Yonela received very good feedback which made her certain that being on TV is what she wanted to do.  With 4 years of dramatic arts behind her, she knew that she was already equipped with the basic understanding of the entertainment industry and audience engagement.

Take Me Out SA was another confirmation that the entertainment industry was where Yonela wanted to be as she now had a new found confidence.  She tried to get signed again with the well-established agency, BOSS Models which she had always considered as her dream agency.  Yonela sent an e-mail to BOSS Models (Cape Town) and they forwarded her pictures to BOSS Models Johannesburg which is the agency that rejected her a year ago.  Amazingly enough, she was called in for a meeting in May 2015 and was then signed.  A month later Yonela was already on set for her first job with a team that she had always idealised which is the Sunday Times team.  Her first job was an editorial edition.

Since being signed to BOSS Models, Yonela has worked on a lot of beauty/fashion editorials. She featured on TV commercials for CELL C, worked on campaigns such as the ’15 spring/summer PQ clothing campaign, Parooz Fashion spring/summer campaign & online store debut.  After the social media feedback on the Parooz Fashion campaign, Yonela announced that she would be the first brand ambassador for the young, fun and exciting fashion brand.

Yonela ended 2015 with an editorial feature in the New Year issue of well renowned magazine, True Love.  She then planned to go live in Cape Town so that she could build her profile there and by the grace of God she moved to Cape Town in January for model season.  Model season in Cape Town is every models dream because that’s where models get the opportunity work with professionals from all over the world. Cape Town is where you get models from Germany, America, Angola, Jamaica and other countries all at once trying their luck at doing what they love.  

Working in Cape Town opened a lot of doors for Yonela as she got to work on amazing campaigns and also given the opportunity to be a brand ambassador for Vada By Sivada which is a Cape Town brand as well as Beach Cult.  She was amongst the models that launched Joaquina Beachwear which is an AfroBrasilian bikini brand also based in Cape Town.  Yonela has also been a Zando online model and has shot a catalogue for Angel Africa.  

With model season being over she has returned back to Johannesburg which is where she will now be based.  She doesn’t believe in restricting herself so she now wants to venture into the film industry so she call tell and act out stories.  She has recently shot an advert for Nedbank and also features in a advert which also serves as one of her career highlights.

The world still has a lot in store for Yonela and being the hard worker that she is, a lot is yet to be accomplished.  She wants to leave a mark, not only as a model but as an actress, socialite, brand influencer and a public figure.  

The 21 Questions Blogger Tag

I woke up today feeling really down and angry after realising that people had broken into our home. It not being the first time makes me even more angry. The crime rate in our country keeps growing every moment we think it’s all about to away. When I feel really down or I just want to increase myself esteem I always go online, either read old blog posts or try and discover new blogs, so during my lunch break at work I surfed the net for some fun blogger tags to get me back to my normal, forever excited self. I found this fun tag that well known beauty Blogger and Youtuber Zoella participated in back in 2009 and thought of doing it, too. Most of you guys seem to have loved the last tag I did titled ‘10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me‘ so I hope you enjoy this one, too.

  1. What is your current fashion obsession? Hats.
  2. What are you wearing today? I am wearing black hi-tops, ripped jeans and a white shirt, all from MRP and a hat from Jet Clothing.
  3. Hair? I need to go and trim my hair, also think I need a new hair-colour, I have had this for long.
  4. Do you nap a lot? Not really.
  5. Why is today special?  I wasn’t going to say it is special because of last nights incident but I remembered how grateful I am to have people like you reading my blog. So by reading this, my day is getting even more special.
  6. What would you like to learn to do? I’d love to learn how to film and edit videos. I have been meaning to launch my Youtube Channel but haven’t found anyone to teach me.
  7. What’s for dinner today? I don’t really know… But I’d love Sushi, I haven’t had it in a while.
  8. What are you listening to right now? DJ Milkshake – My Own featuring Cassper Nyovest and Anatii
  9. What is your favorite weather? Summer 😉
  10. What’s the last thing you bought? This hat that I wearing today from Jet. It was on sale.
  11. What are your essentials when traveling? A Camera, a selfie stick and lots of water.
  12. What’s your style? I wouldn’t say I have a certain style, I am the type that dresses according to mood. So when I am feeling myself on a certain day, you will see me dressed in bright colours, when down I wear a lot of dull pieces.
  13. What is your most challenging goal right now? Getting a drivers’ license. Actually it’s not really challenging but I have been really lazy to get one. I don’t even remember what my last excuse was. But I am definitely getting one soon.
  14. If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be? Knysna, South Africa. That place is so peaceful and beautiful.
  15. Favorite vacation spot? Cape Town
  16. Name the things you cannot live without? She is not just a ‘thing’ but my mother is on top of the list. My family, my laptop and my social media accounts, I sometimes feel as though my whole life revolves on social media. I go there to cry, brag or to celebrate.
  17. How was your childhood? Not easy but fun, wouldn’t change anything for it.
  18. What would you like to have in your hands right now? My iPhone which was stolen from me last night when the people broke into our house 🙁
  19. What are you most excited for? Right now? All the amazing events that are going to be happening in my city, Durban. The Durban July, Pop Bottles and the MTV Africa Music Awards.
  20. If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go? New York, baby!
  21. Which countries have you visited? None. I haven’t been outside South Africa, I am sccared, haha.

I would like to tag the following bloggers to answer the above 21 questions and post on their blog:

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