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Natural intimate care for daily freshness and confidence – with Betadine

To feel fresh and clean from top to toe is high on most women’s daily ‘what I want’ lists, but sometimes – when the weather is hot and humid and the day is busy and demanding – it’s not that easy. This can make women feel self-conscious and anxious about less-than-fresh odours.

Understanding feminine hygiene needs is what Betadine™ Intimate Care range does, says Shannon te Roller, GM of Mundipharma SA, distributors of Betadine® products. In addition to their Daily Intimate Care range, the company launched a range of three Intimate Care Odour Control1,2 products designed to maintain the health in women’s intimate area and provide protection from unwanted odour, itch, or irritation.

The range consists of Betadine™ Odour Control Daily Intimate Wash, Betadine™ Odour Control Daily Intimate Foam, and Betadine™ Odour Control Daily Intimate Wipes.1,2

“Everyday realities such as perspiration, periods, and even some foods can lead to undesirable feminine odour, often making women uncomfortable,” says Te Roller. “Our Odour Control1,2 range has a unique TRI-CARE+™ formulation (Immortelle, Sensiva™ SC 50 and Citrofol™ Al), now with Witch Hazel that provides advanced deodorizing effects to keep unwanted odours at bay and added prebiotics to help maintain the pH balance of a woman’s intimate flora.” All intimate care products are also soap, paraben, and colourant free; hypoallergenic, and gynaecologically tested.

“Mundipharma is continuously developing our Women’s Health range and is committed to women’s wellness and empowerment throughout South Africa,” adds Te Roller.

The Betadine™ Intimate Care Odour Control products1,2 are available from leading retailers and pharmacies around the country.

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Two academics from MANCOSA will join more than 60 women leaders from South Africa and other African countries in discussions to shape the conversation for women in business at the annual Standard Bank Top Women Awards and Conference.

While the awards will recognise leaders who have played an active role in changing the role of women in both the public and private sectors, panel discussions will highlight and address issues around gender inequality.

Dr Claudine Hingston and Dr Aradhana Ramnund-Mansingh, academics at MANCOSA private higher education institution, and who are passionate about embodying and driving gender empowerment, will present papers during the session titled “The sting of the Queen Bee is rooted in toxic masculinity”.

They will unpack the theoretical framework of toxic masculinity and the Queen Bee phenomenon, which can undermine female leadership and empowerment, together with practical advice on how to mitigate this.

The conference will be held virtually on 1 and 2 October and will cover topics such as the digital gender divide; economic emancipation of women; the importance of

recognition for trailblazing women in business; and creating change through social entrepreneurship.

Dr Hingston, a lecturer in Management and Leadership and head of the Centre for Women Leadership at MANCOSA, is actively engaged in research work and has written and published a number of articles on women, leadership and gender issues. 

She will speak about “Toxic Masculinity”. In a culture that equates masculinity with physical power, some men and boys feel they are failing at “being a man”. Dr Hingston will submit that toxic masculinity has created a void in their lives that they believe can be filled through violence, through domination and through aggression towards women.

Dr Ramnund-Mansingh, an academic whose research for her PHD explored the link between institutional culture and the career advancement of female academics in higher education, will talk about her research into the “African Queen Bee” syndrome, a topic that garnered widespread interest when she first went public with her findings. She says the African Queen Bee is exceptionally confident, fearless and determined to change the course of business within the country. Depending on her age category, she remembers vaguely experiences of apartheid discrimination or she has heard her parents and elders speak of it. She is plagued by the loss of power suffered by her people and is determined to right those wrongs singularly.

The keynote address titled “Women of Africa unite against a common threat: complacency” will be delivered by The Honourable First Lady of South Africa, Dr Tshepo Motsepe.

Fitch & Leedes celebrates SA heritage with Ltd Edition Indian Tonic

Fitch & Leedes, the premium range of South African mixers, is flying the flag on Heritage Day with a special Limited Edition Indian Tonic. 

Proudly adorned with the bright colours of the national flag in celebration of the country’s rich cultural heritage, the Limited Edition Fitch & Leedes Indian Tonic cans are available in leading stores during the entire month of September, while stocks last.

Taking the celebrations even further, Fitch & Leedes has teamed up with National Braai Day to unite all cultures around the fire on Heritage Day, 24 September. To get the party started, look out for the Braaiday Celebration Box full of #Braaiday memorabilia and Fitch & Leedes Heritage cans at selected stores. 

“Jan Braai has become synonymous with South African braai culture and as a locally produced brand, Fitch & Leedes is the perfect partner to celebrate our proud heritage. We will also take the opportunity to link up with local spirit brands by encouraging followers of our digital platforms to #SupportLocal by showcasing South African craft distilleries as a run-up to Heritage Day,” says James Shaw, Fitch & Leedes brand manager.

Creating a niche for itself in the competitive drinks market as the range of preferred mixers by most master distillers, mixologists and discerning consumers, Fitch & Leedes continues to push the boundaries in terms of product innovation, quality and taste.

Look out for the Limited Edition Indian Tonic heritage can at leading stores or purchase online at at around R54 per 6-pack of 200ml cans.  Get in the mix with @FitchLeedes on Instagram and Facebook.

KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission launches online screenings of local films with GeeGo Africa

The KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission officially launches the ‘KZN Movie Nights’ online project. The project, which aims to distribute and broadcast local films online, was born as a result of trying to ensure that the KZN Film secures strategic investment through facilitation and promotion of film projects into the film industry in KwaZulu-Natal.

The KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission’s mission is to be a catalyst for transformation in the local film industry, and over the year has funded over 200 projects, many of which have seen great success at international and local film festivals as well as breaking local box office records. What has emerged from the many successes is that although these films have been successful internationally, many of the local communities have not been able to access and enjoy stories created by local producers. Our goal is two pronged; to ensure the sustainability of the local film industry but also to grow local audiences by creating opportunities in which local audiences can consume this content. As such the Film Commission has a fund dedicated to growing local audiences, and this is achieved through activities such as the funding of local film festivals as well as community screenings.

The sudden outbreak of the Coronavirus forced the KZN Film Commission to think outside the box, and adapt to the covid social distancing restrictions. And the concept for online streaming of local content was envisioned. The organisation has partnered with Geego Africa, a local online events streaming mobile app. Using the GeeGo app, the KZN Film Commission will stream the KZN funded projects and reach thousands of active users. The organisation will create a monthly online screening event in which we stream one film per month and keep it on the platform for 1 week.

“We’re excited about this new project. The KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission’s main objective is to transform and create a sustainable film industry. Initiatives such as these are a reflection of the organisation’s core values which are to collaborate and become industry thought leaders through innovation. Further to that we are thrilled to announce that the first film that will be streamed is the KwaZulu-Natal Film funded, award-winning film Uncovered,” Carol Coetzee.

The first of these online film screenings is scheduled to take place this Heritage Day, 24 September with the streaming of the film Uncovered. The film recently scooped 4 awards (Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director and Best Film) at this year’s Simon ‘Mabhunu’ Sabela KZN Film & Television Awards that took place on Saturday, 12 September.

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