Distruction Boyz have created a brand new sound (EGM)

Distruction Boyz became Known for being the international face of Gqom music, which is a dark sound that emanates from backrooms in townships, after breaking the record of Best Selling Gqom album “Gqom Is The Future” and touring the world – the duo have now created a new sound called EGM.
EGM is an African version of EDM(EDM is Electronic Dance Music which is very popular in Europe it’s an uptempo sound that’s loved by festival lovers and dance music enthusiasts). The new sound that is soon to hit the international stage is a mixture of Gqom & EGM. “Many people didn’t understand the Gqom sound and we don’t blame them because the sound is so raw and rough. But when we started visiting international studios, hanging with world producers and learning more about music as a whole we decided to upgrade our sound. We played around with different sounds until we found synergy and found similarities between Gqom & EDM from there we merged the 2 to create a new song. A much smoother, clearer, more refined in the ear and easier to attach an international vocal other than gimmicks that cant be played on radio. This new sound will make international superstars want to collaborate with South African producers because the sound has such an international appeal. We think this is going to be the biggest bridge in placing us big players in the world & not as underdogs from South Africa” – Goldmax. 
Distruction Boyz are currently in talks with various stakeholders to have the sound recognized in digital stores & exported the the world. Should this happen this means the Boyz are going to enter the books of legends because they will forever be recognized as the pioneers of Gqom and the creators of this new sound. 
A taste of the new sound will be available on digital stores in their new album titles “From the Streets to the World” (now available on pre-order). The first single feat “Nevermind” festures Zhano is set to take the world by storm and will be available when you pre-order the album. 
Distruction Boyz are set to train young producers about this new sound so that they transmit all the knowledge they’ve gained abroad so young producers can be know which route to take in creating music that will appeal to the world yet remain true to their African roots.

Thanks so much for reading, hope to see you again :)

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