DJ ‘Mo-G’ taking over the weekend on Metro FM

After landing a slot on 5FM at the tender age of 18, Mpho Madise aka ‘Mo-G’ has never looked back, and after an impressive 17-years on the radio he recently took up two prominent weekend slots on South Africa’s largest urban station, Metro FM.

In addition to hosting Metro FM’s Saturday breakfast show aptly called the ‘WKNDR’ together with popular producer Fentselite between 06h00 and 10h00, Mo-G turns up the heat and romance for his Sunday Night Love slot between 18h00 and 21h00.

“It’s sometimes really quite challenging having to switch mind sets from being very hyper and fast paced for my Saturday show, and then having to chill and adopt a very laid back approach for my Sunday show.

“And even though I try carry through the sexy grown-up music that Metro listeners tune in for, Sunday I tend to focus a lot more on the soul and neo-soul sounds listeners can relax to before the start of another busy week,”  he says.

And while listeners can look forward to updates on the latest trending topics in the celeb and relationship world for Saturday breakfast, Sunday night Mo-G says is all about the listeners.

“Social media, newspapers, TV shows and just talking to people on the streets are the inspiration for my Saturday morning topics but my Sunday slot is all about love and relationships.

“For instance in my pillow talk feature I ask a question based on a song that has a question such as “how did you make things right with your partner?” There is also a feature called “do you know your partner?” where I ask a couple questions about each other. That’s always interesting and sometimes a bit eye opening for couples,” he muses.

When it comes to succeeding as a radio DJ, for Mo-G it all comes down to being yourself. “Listeners generally relate to authentic personalities who in a way they come to consider as friends or confidantes over time. However that being said we all do still get star-struck at times, which would certainly be the case if I ever had to encounter P Diddy – I love his drive and never give up attitude,” he concludes.

Thanks so much for reading, hope to see you again :)

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