An Exclusive Chat With Yfm’s Khutso Theledi

Young, sophisticated, talented, beautiful and humble. What other words would you use to describe Khutso Theledi of Yfm? I got a chance to know her a little bit more, about her childhood, love for cars and how she landed in the entertainment industry.

If you’ve always wanted to know more about her, this Q&A might help:

If you were to choose one colour to describe your childhood, what would it be? The colour “Pink”: Pink represents the sign of hope I had growing up in Mpumalanga (Hazyview), It was my colour of positivity, a color inspiring warmth and comforting feelings my father didn’t get to give me, a sense that everything will be okay during my rough times as well as my amazing times spent growing up.

Did your childhood by any chance influence your career choice? If yes, how? Indeed it did, I grew up watching Yo-TV and K-TV and watching those presenters, I always knew I was meant to be there presenting with them as they inspired me with their own talent, a sense of me belonging there making people laugh, informing the youth and entertaining those needing to smile after a long day at school and mostly, having a friend in me through such a large medium and platform…All I could say was “ I want my voice to be heard and my face to be seen”

What is your dream car? My dream car is the Mercedes Benz c class coupe AMG sport

How did you fall in-love with radio? I grew up in Mpumalanga as a tomboy who loved netball and had a deep voice that I was never comfortable with until I moved to Johannesburg in 2009. The first radio station everyone would be listening to in they cars was YFM, Morning and Afternoon. So naturally I feel in love, not only with the brand YFM, but the voices and personalities behind each show. I was told almost everyday to do something with my voice and at times people would ask me if I was in radio or a TV presenter, which shocked me cause all I’ve ever wanted was for “My voice to be heard and my Face to be seen”. Through my studies at Monash University, I went for auditions to be part of a Monash University TV program called Mo-TV, that was the best experience ever as my face was on all the screens around the campus. I then left Monash to persue my dreams in radio and voiceovers to study at Boston Media House Sandton, and in my first year, I started working in voiceovers and quickly became the voice of Boston Media House. A few months before my 21st birthday and still in my first year at Boston Media House, I received a personal phone call from Mo Flava (YFM) requesting a meeting with me (Shocking moment) as the YFM programs manager (Tumelo DiahoMonaheng) had heard my voice over ad’s on YFM and informed Mo Flava about me. A day I will never forget and a blessing, became a day I will always and forever be greatful for, a month later I became the first lady of the YFM Breakfast Show on the 2nd of Aprill 2012 ( Co-hosting and Traffic Presenter ) That was how I fell in love with radio and the day radio fell in love with me.

If you were to host a car-racing TV show, what would you call it? Chinga Magiya (Change gears)

What is your favourite car brand? I have so many but my top two have to be BMW and Mercedes #HandsDown

What do you love and enjoy most about working in radio? Waking up to my dream every morning knowing that I may have my own problems at home or personal issues that I’m going through, yet people will wake up just to get their motivation from you and inspiration of hope that “today will be ok as long as I have Mo Flava, Khutso Theledi and Sol Phenduka”  I love my job because of those who believe in me and what I do, I love my job cause for just those 3 hours on air, I feel alive.

What was your first cellphone? Nokia 3410
Which year was this? 1997
How many phones do you own? Two Phones

Can you predict how many times your phone rings each day? I predict around 30 times or more, but my Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook and sms’s are crazy on a daily, my batrrie life will never last a whole day

Finish the sentences:

My listeners areAmazing, Supportive, Harsh at times yet appreciate our craft even more as individuals and as a team
My colleagues are Crazy, Loving, Understanding and a pillar of strength
Radio is...My first love, competitive, keeps one on they toes, 3 hours on air goes quicker than you can ever imagine, hard work, constant growth, overwhelming yet the best experience knowing someone is listening to you and only you. The power of radio is beyond words, when you meet the people who listen to the show and know who you are by simply listening to your voice on radio….that feeling humbles me all the time.
Car Spinning is My Hobby, Spinning cars in a mans world, females taking over, my love for speed, being in control and intimidates a lot of men…I LOVE it
My style is Unique, Inspired by Gabrielle Union, I love leggings, What you wear say’s a lot about your personality and speaks volumes about who you are. And lastly, my cloths NEVER wear me, I wear my cloths.
I enjoy waking up every morning becauseGod blessed me with another day to make a difference, to inspire, to motivate and to give. The first thing I always think about when I wake up is God, my Late father Ruel Jappie Theledi, family and friends and waking up to the mic, is the biggest joy to wake up to.

You can catch Khutso on Yfm with Mo Flava from 6-9am. Follow her on Twitter: @KhutsoTheledi and like her Facebook page:HERE

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  1. melokuhle says:

    My clothes never wear me 🙂 I wear my clothes… … love you khutso

  2. Kya says:

    That was really interesting to read. I love hearing that she was able to really follow her dream with so much passion and determination and still appreciates that she has been able to do that. 😀

  3. shirley says:

    Im so inlove with your voice an style too…bigup sister…which to meet you sum ada dae

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