Five Landmarks You Just Want to Play On

Sightseeing is a serious business, right? A well-thumbed guide book, a large bottle of water, a map, a backpack and appropriate head and footwear – these are the appropriate armaments for sightseeing, and a muted “ooh” or “ahh” is the appropriate response to our world’s wonders. But some landmarks aren’t just historical, they’re also fun, playful and vibrant – monuments that seem to be celebrations of life. We’re not saying you should tear off your shoes, run towards them while screaming like a child and start climbing them – but gosh, wouldn’t you secretly love to? Here’s our guide to the best monuments for bringing out your inner child.

Stonehenge, England

Steeped in mystique and superstition, Stonehenge has been the subject of much speculation – some theorise it was built as a UFO landing pad, some prefer the more mundane explanation of a celestial observatory or a burial ground. Most recently, scientists have decided it was originally constructed in Wales, dismantled and moved to England – but we think it looks like an exceptional marker for a nice game of duck, duck, goose. You’re it!

Wat Suthat Thephawararam Temple and Giant Swing, Bangkok

This majestic temple is a vision of Thai craftsmanship – the iconic sloped roofs, the beautifully wrought teak door panels, the intricate engravings, the unique wall frescoes, the delightful pagodas, the Chinese stone sculptures, the… OMG IT’S A GIANT SWING. The current swing underwent several renovations before being entirely replaced by a hand-crafted golden teak version and OMG IT’S A GIANT SWING. Located just 30 minutes from Suvarnabhumi Airport where flights from London to Bangkok run regularly, you need to check this out on your next visit. Need I say more? IT’S A GIANT SWING!

Mount Eden Crater, New Zealand

New Zealand doesn’t have much of a reputation when it comes to landmarks, which we think is a shame as no other country has quite such a great spot for rollie-pollies on their national monuments list. Mount Eden Crater (otherwise known as Maungawhau) sits next to a dormant volcano, which is pretty darn cool in itself – but until the day that volcano erupts, it just looks like an amazingly deep and smooth spot to tumble yourself down.

Inuksuk, Canada

These stone landmarks are dotted around all over the Alaska to Greenland region, and were used by the various peoples of the Artic region of North America. Used as markers, navigation tools and for herding caribou, there’s something about the precarious-looking stacks of stone that just makes the toddler in me scream “CLIMB IT!” (Disclaimer: You probably shouldn’t climb them. They’re precarious stacks of stone).

Cappadocia, Turkey

These awe-inspiring cave homes date back from as early as the 4th century AD, and their simple facades belie a sophisticated network of tunnels, fairy chimneys and chambers which once housed a whole town, deep in the mountains of picturesque Anatolia. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? HIDE AND SEEK TIME!

These awesome landmarks are perfect for putting the fun back into sightseeing – guaranteed to bring out the big kid in you, they’re really something to experience.  

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