Getting To Know Sindi Buthelezi Who Plays ‘Zinhle’ On Generations

The South African entertainment industry is growing very fast and as it grows, new talent is being introduced to us. I am always happy to see new faces whenever I watch TV, though I don’t get a chance to watch a lot of television lately but if I do – I want to feel it was worth watching.

Sindi Buthelezi who most of you may know as Zinhle has actually turned out to be one of the people who I think are going to take our entertainment industry to the next level. From the first day I saw her on Generations, until now – I would be lying if I were to say she’s disappointed me, not even once. Well, as you guys know me – I HAD to ask Sindi a few questions. See my Q & A with the beautiful ‘Zinhle’ of Generations below:

  • Which Generations actor are you closest to?

Mandla Gaduka AKA Chopsta

  • Were you more of an academic or sports pupil at school?

Academic- I was part of the debating team in high school and a class prefect for 3 years.

  • Blogs or newspapers?

Blogs. I’ve always been inquisitive about what other people are thinking.

  • What’s your favourite book of all times?

The Bible 🙂

  • How different is Sindi from Zinhle’s character?

They are not too different but Sindi is a bit shy at times, she’s very analytical, not judgemental and not easily offended.

  • What do you love most about Zinhle’s personality?

Her charisma, confidence, her strength,  she’s a go-getter, she’s fun and smart.

  • Finish the sentence: 
2014 is transformation and growth.
2013 was a prayer answered.

  • Do you believe in new years resolutions? If yes: what are yours for this year? If not what made you not believe in them?

My resolutions for this year is to focus, work extra hard and strengthen my relationship with God.

  • Which South African actress or actor did you grow up looking up to?

Oh! Wow…Jerry Phele, Joe Mafela, Nomsa Xaba, Menzi Ngubane,  The list is endless.

  • What’s your starsign?

Aquarius -Feb 08

  • Do you believe in horoscopes?

Lol… Sometimes.

  • Do you remember how old were you when you went to the movies?

I was 13yrs old. First time in Johannesburg alone with friends.

  • Which movie did you watch?

I watched Adaptation ( Meryl Streep was the Lead)

  • What’s your favourite movie?

For Colored girl- Tyler Perry

  • Shopping is…


  • What’s on your playlist

Justin Timberlake – Mirrors
Pink – Perfect
Dj Cndo – Yamnandinto
John Legend – All of me
Zonke – Jikizinto
Jason Upton – Teach me how to pray
Amy Winehouse – Tears dry on their own
Caroline Glaser – Put your records on
Kirk Franklin – Smile
Jill Scott – The way

6 Responses to “Getting To Know Sindi Buthelezi Who Plays ‘Zinhle’ On Generations”

  1. Nomali says:

    She’s so pretty! (and looks so different with the braids.)

  2. nomaxabiso says:

    I love u girl may God for ever bless u with all u may need and more.

  3. zama says:

    hey im soo in love with your cloths that u wear on genaration, where do u shop girl. im also plus size girl, help sister out plz

  4. neo says:

    Hey gal I like u a lot nd I need 2 meet with u 2 talk about sumthing

  5. penny says:

    I met her yesterday in Newtown, she’s rude.

  6. thando says:

    How I wish to be an actress, i look up 2 zinhle, luv her a lot

Thanks so much for reading, hope to see you again :)

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