Getting to know Entertainment Personality: Lucian Albertyn

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I recently had a chat with Lucian Albertyn: Actor, Presenter, Choreographer, MC, Script Writer, TV/STAGE Producer/Director and Studio Manager for :

EXPRESSO, DOCTOR’s ORDERS, JOU SHOW, HecticN9 on (SABC2/SABC3 & KykNet) Lucian is based in Capetown and his other skills include:

Physical Theatre, Athletics, Rugby, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball, Dance


  • You said you graduated at City Varsity – Cape Town campus. How was your experience as a drama student?

My experience being a Drama student was funny yet memorable. Reason for that, the other students never really liked us that much, because we were always Loud, dancing and just being crazy. I mean, really crazy! And its so amazing, because to know that what I’m doing now is what I studied and will be my career for the rest of my life!

  • Are there any well known celebrities or public figures who attended City Varsity during the same years you did?

Yes there are.

  • If yes, kindly name them: Tell me about your relationship with them then and now? Is it the same?

Well in CPT, we have Armand Aucamp, a very well established stage actor that’s been in Major Theatre Productions. We have Nicole Bailey who is based in JHB now – she has been in Judge Dredd (movie) and CTM commercials and many other big theatre productions. Etienne van Wyk, Producer of Bar One Manhunt based in JHB. Those were my friends and studied with me… And my relationship with them is very good.. we are always on the phone and congratulate each other on everything good we do.

  • You got your first gig at the age of 21, I am sure things weren’t easy then. You were young and vulnerable. Tell me about the challenges you went through and how did you go about over coming them?

Well where do I start. The only experience I had was student films and people I was familiar with.
And when I went in the real world out there, it was incredibly intense and nerve wrecking, to be honest. It was for MNet’s “League of Glory”. All I wanted to do was to be absolutely perfect and not disappoint the Director etc.  I had some messed up moments and at the end of the day, it all came together. Hectic is all I can say…

  • I am aware that you have choreographed for quite a number of music videos and have also danced in a few – which one do you enjoy doing most? Being one of the dancers or having to do the choreography?

Yes, I’ve danced for a long time (laughs)… But what I can say is to be the one in charge (choreographer) and represent the dancers on the shoots etc – is probably the one I would choose. Simply because in the dance industry you don’t get as much respect that an Actor would get. (justsaying)

  • Having to work in some of the country’s biggest events such as the J&B Met doing some choregraphy, how do you deal with the pressure? The fear that something might go wrong during a performance in front of a major crowd and media?

Dealing with the pressure of choreographing for major events like the J&B Met is not easy. I put my trust in choosing dancers that I know I can handle and be able to manage well and those that have the experience and skills to perform live. Most of my peers know my work, and if a dancer messes up.. There’s nothing I can really do. Its part of the deal, because as soon as the music starts, my work is done

  • I believe you have more than 20 productions under your name? If you were to choose one to tour across Africa and England. Which one would it be?

Yes, and its hard to choose one. It would be my own produced/directed and written show called “Monique’s Hair Salon”. Reason being, it’s relatable to so many people and it dwells on todays life… how so many people perceive some people, and stereotype them. I believe that message would come across well to a lot of people.


  • Working behind the scenes on major TV shows in the country: Expresso, Doctor’s Orders, Hectic NIne 9 etc.. Do you still get time to write and direct any theatre productions?

I try and balance everything on a weekly basis, and I still find time some how writing and producing my theatre shows and make time for castings/auditions etc. Its all about planning and balancing everything as it comes to you, very important!

  • Has social media played any role in your life?

I would say it played a role in connecting with people on a different level and hearing their stories etc. It connects me with my industry friends and it’s where you hear the news/current affairs all over SA and the rest of the world. I also get inspiration from a lot of people in all the work I do as well.

  • When was the last time you bought a magazine and which magazine was it?

You Magazine. I was featured there so I just had to by it, haha.


Lucian with American Actor Terry at the Expresso studios

  • Quick Q’s:
  • Stage or TV?

I would say TV, only when I’m in front of it and not behind!

  • Melinda Bam or Jo-Ann Strauss?

Jo-Ann Strauss because she’s a friend of mine. And I admire her so much.

  • Twitter or Facebook?

I hated Twitter in the beginning, but now I love it.

  • Apple or Android?

Apple… Just because its Apple. Haha.


Thanks so much for reading, hope to see you again :)

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