TV Host, Radio presenter and Speaker Hulisani Ravele has partnered with Kusini Water in their efforts to bring water to people living in rural and remote areas within the African continent. Understanding the importance and purpose of ‘Ubuntu’, the partnership forms part of Hulisani’s goal of using the influence her ‘celebrity’ has garnered over the years for her personal efforts and passion towards community upliftment in South Africa, and ultimately the African continent.

“When making decisions on which partnerships I enter into I am guided by my mission and mantra: to be involved in projects that have Purpose, Power, and Impact. Kusini Water speaks to all those pillars and I am excited to add my voice to their work and their mission. There are many challenges in our country and Kusini wants to be a part of the solution, it is an honour to be asked to be a part of that.” – Hulisani Ravele

Kusini’s mission is to bring safe water to 5 million people in 5 years. Profits generated from every sale, whether it’s water, a filter or merchandise goes towards maintaining Kusini filtration systems located in rural areas. Kusini looks for local partners and individuals that are involved in the grassroots of their communities, hence their partnership with Hulisani, who is undoubtedly one of the most passionate changemakers in South Africa.

Her focus on partnerships and campaigns with brands that tie into her vision fully translates into the overarching Kusini Water vision and mission both from an impact and purpose perspective.

Kusini designs and produces water purification systems from locally sourced Macadamia Nut Shells and Nano-Fibres. The brand partners with local small hold macadamia nut farmers and make use of their off-waste shells to manufacture carbon filters for water purification systems. Kusini filters use no grid energy to filter and distribute water in areas affected by lack of access to safe drinking water.

Over the years Kusini Water has launched a number of purification plants in and around South Africa to help deliver clean water to underserved rural communities, and to reduce reliance on municipal water.

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