Hustler Of The Week: Senzokuhle Vumase

I am Senzokuhle Themba Vumase from Manguzi far North, where I have completed my matric from In 2003I, came in Durban 2004 to further my studies at Dut in office administration which was funded by umAfrica project specialists after I started hustling. I am a professional photographer which I have obtained at CREATIVE ARTS COLLEGE also a professional Audio mixer and lighting aspect obtained in audio-sure training & support solutions.

Senzokuhle businesses are as follows.
1. KUHLE  HOUSE ELEMENTS  is more in mobile sound system for hire special on weddings, parties and any other occasions.

2. KUHLEVPICTURES specializes in professional photography for weddings, events and outdoor professional photoshoots.

3. KUHLEVACCO which deals with students accommodation who does not have institutions residences.

Thanks so much for reading, hope to see you again :)

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