IceCreamMag Celebrates One Year

Ice Cream Mag


Some of you guys who are on twitter might have heard or know @IceCreamMag.

An Online Magazine founded by the creative lady in the Social Media and Digital scene who goes by the name of Ayanda “Boss Lady” Mhlongo. One of the most inspiring people i have ever had an opportunity to meet!


Ayanda is a 21 year old Blogger, Digital Marketer, Social Media Specialist at MINI South Africa and a business woman. First met her at one of her Charity events which tok place last year at the Mariam Makeba Home for The Girls – I was really inspired the way she looks and handles things. Forever hype and smiling.


I am honoured to have received an invite to the Launch of her baby “Ice Cream Mag” happening on the 26th of April at Zone 6 Venue.


About Ice Cream Mag:

Ice Cream Magazine is a unique and youth orientated magazine that concentrates on the development and the growth of the South African youth in a positive aspect. Furthermore Ice Cream promotes diversity and good morals and values amongst the youth of South Africa.


The magazine covers influential people in South Africa such as successful entrepreneurs, actors, actresses, political leaders, teen entrepreneurs and aspiring people from all walks of life that can contribute to the message that Ice Cream is promoting of ‘Living Positively All Day Everyday’


“We strive to promote South African products, musicians, entrepreneurs, models, and of course promote artists all over Africa Colour and Art is life and we use colour to inspire and educate the youth. Colour is an important aspect to IceCream, because colour represents diversity and all forms of creativity”





Thanks so much for reading, hope to see you again :)

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