An Interview with Jamila Gaibie from Dermalogica South Africa

I have been lucky enough to have a few people who believe in me and have always been willing to help. If you remember very well last month I treated my face for the very first time. People who have met me know how horrible my skin was. Go HERE in case you missed that post to see pictures taken during my treatment.


Well there’s been amazing change ever since, my colleagues, friends, family and everyone else who have seen me before have been complimenting and seeing the change. I can not really explain how much thankful I am for this.


Well Jamila who’s been doing wonders on my face was in LA a few weeks ago representing Dermalogica South Africa, interacting with Dermalogica representatives from other 80+ Countries. I chatted to her about the experience she had there.

Please see interview below:


Guys please don’t forget to follow Dermalogica on twitter @DermalogicaSA they always tweet useful skin tips. Visit their site as well for new products and gadgets.

3 Responses to “An Interview with Jamila Gaibie from Dermalogica South Africa”

  1. @TshepoZimba says:

    Hi Sandy, I also have ance problems and this article has really helped as I have never tried Dermalogica before. Which treatment kit do you use for your skin?

    • Sandy Nene Sandy Nene says:

      Hi Tshepo

      All Dermalogica products are given to you according to your skin type. I had to go for treatment and face mapping first before the products I use were given to me. Please Visit their site and find your nearest Dermalogica to book your treatment and get the help I received.

  2. @TshepoZimba says:

    Thank you Sandy.

Thanks so much for reading, hope to see you again :)

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