A Chat With Leechee Janecke From Vintage Cru

I had an amazing opportunity to have an interesting chat with the IT boy in the Dance and Entertainment Scene. The Official Choreographer of the South African Film and Television Awards, co-Founder of Vintage Cru and Model. ———–> Leechee Janecke


Where were you born?

Was born in Cape Town.

Can you tell me about your childhood?How was it growing up and have you always loved music and dance?
I had a difficult childhood. Lower class background but with a big family we made it work. I was a happy child,despite the circumstances. I think I developed a love for music and dance at the tender age of 5. My grandfather played me videotapes of Micheal and Janet Jackson music videos. I was really inspired.I copied routines and performed them at family gatherings as a youngster. I developed a bond, yes at that young age,lol, with dance and music.
In Three words, how would you describe Vintage cru?
I know that the whole crew was founded by you and Ash-tell me how did the whole idea come about?
Well.This is a funny story. Me and Ashwin were both in different crews in which we felt that we were not really comfortable being ourselves. We inboxed each other on Facebook and came up with the idea of having an all-male Waacking and Voguing crew. I got hold of Kyle and Sikelela and we were 4 guys, who wanted to challenge the norms of the hip hop dance industry as well as social perspective. With that we needed a fashion influence and Manthe was someone who came to our mind. At this time the idea was still at its infancy and we were not aware of what was in store for us and what a big impact we were bound to make.
To people who have no idea who Vintage cru is really all about,what can you say to them to make them understand and know about what you guys do?
Vintage is a Gallery. We bring a Gallery to stage. We bring our life stories to stage.All the members come from different backgrounds and together we’ve created a lifestyle for ourselves. Within this we challenge society and its norms. We promote a free demeanour on living your life. We believe you don’t need to follow the crowd, you just need to be YOURSELF. Whether people like it or not,you were brought onto this planet as an individual to carve out your own legacy. Be true. Be honest. Die with the glass empty, fulfilled and happy. All of this are conscious elements that come into play when we create the fashion, the music, the choreography. The entire vision as a whole.
Who is your Dance Icon?
Willi Ninja.
What is your opinion on Africa and Social Media?
In general Africa has always been downplayed in terms of the worlds standards, but in retrospect, I think it has grown a lot. Africa is a hub of cultures, colors, patterns,traditions, tribes,the whole 9. What Africa is as a continent is what the world is yet to develop. A togetherness. A feeling of being home. A feeling of being attached to nature and all its glory. The world has lost all that essence. This continent is still lucky to have it. As far as mobile social media is concerned, I would say that its a great means to be connected to people from different backgrounds instantly. You can build up your profile in such easy steps and instantly be connected to so much opportunities. It has its downfalls, but I overlook that and see the positive attributes.
According to your point of view,what is the next Big thing in Africa?
V.I.N.T.A.G.E cru obviously. So much potential waiting to be fed to this continent and the world.
What was your biggest break and when was this?
I can ramble all I want to about all I’ve achieved as a solo dancer or as an achieved scholar,but my biggest break will still have to be starting this DREAM that is V.I.N.T.A.G.E.All came to pass from March of 2011. Aaaah the memories.
Who is the most FUN celebrity to hang out with?
Lmao!It was very brief, but I’d have to say Lady Gaga.
Who would you love to work with internationally?
Lady Gaga, Janet Jackson, Beyonce and Madonna. I feel like I have a lot to offer people of that calibre and I have a respect for their work ethic.
I know that you were selected as the Choreographer,and Vintage is the only Dance Act for that evening,tell me more about that…
Firstly I would like to thank God for this amazing opportunity. It is truly a blessing. When I got the call I was in total shock that a show of this magnitude was considering me and the whole crew to take charge in terms of choreography and staging. I take my work very seriously and this is something I’ve always wanted, cause I feel despondent watching other award shows and the lack of creativity, fluidity and intention in terms of performing. With that said, yes I’ve choreographed for all performances of the night, all completely different styles of theatrics and dance. The only people who can fulfill my vision is the people I trust, Vintage,passionate performers who understand why we are deserving of being on such a platform. People who are hungry. We are humbled and can’t wait to SLAY!We’ve worked hard for this.
What makes you happy?
Inspiring people every day of my life.Seeing people from all walks of life coming up to me expressing how much I’ve changed their lives.Being able to make someone smile is something that lights my soul up.Making my family proud.All of this makes me happy.
You seem to be more close to Ash,tell me about your relationship with him…
Me and Ash, who started this vision from scratch, went through all the struggles and cultivated something tangible have probably 1 of the strongest bonds here. Reason being,we know where it comes from. We know where we want it to be. We argue. We fight,but we know each other so well that we get over it immediately coz we have a set outlook on where the future of this brand should be. We have an understanding. We’ve realised that it is now bigger than us and now we have to have our armours up protecting it all the time coz it is now our baby, that we need to raise into an adult who can stand on its own 2 legs 1 day. Ups and Downs. Weaknesses and Strengths.Blacks and whites. We’ll be here til’ the end,guaranteed.
What’s your favourite drink?
Passion fruit and lemonade
Who is your favourite South African choreographer?
I don’t have one, coz I don’t think anyone is really deserving of that title. I’m hard to please in terms of that.
Thank you so much for allowing me to interview you,what can we expect from you and the rest of the Cru this year?
Im not really fond of giving away everything until the appropriate time,but I can say this.We have a lot in store for #TeamVintage…BIG TINGz actually!So stay on this train,it is moving at a rapid pace!Cheeeeeyeaaah!!

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  1. Amazing interview .Lastnight i watched the SAFTAS i enjoyed their perfomance on the dance floor.Love VINTAGE CRU

  2. Sandile Nene says:

    Hi John!

    It’s been long since i saw your comments, Thanks for coming back! i watched their performance as well! these guys are amazing!

    Have a Good Week!

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