KovsieFM Sam Ludidi programme manager joins SuperSport as field reporter

Sam Ludidi is no unfamiliar face on campus. He is currently busy with his second year of a BA Communication Science degree but started off as a BSocSc student five years ago. This KovsieFM programme manager recently joined the SuperSport team as a field reporter. He was selected form 70 candidates and recalls the phone call he received as the best he ever got. We checked in with him to see how he was enjoying the limelight.

Photo: Adri Louw

It is difficult to choose between television and radio … I think I prefer television. Then again, there’s a certain skill you need for radio because people don’t see you – that challenge intrigues me. But since I’m an expressive person, television allows me to express myself in full view of the audience.

Sport is my true passion, without a shadow of a doubt. I was born and raised in a sports-crazy house and always loved it – even watching the Proteas’ unfortunate loss to Australia in the Cricket World Cup when I was four. I’ve always loved cricket, but I just cannot keep myself away from rugby. Between the two sports, I’d probably lean towards rugby from an off-the-field perspective, and cricket if I’m on the field.

The best and worst thing about being a television presenter is that it is live. You only have one chance to make it work. When I get it right, I feel great, but on a difficult day, I am hard on myself. I’m still somewhat new to television, but the trick is to find out what makes me different from the rest. My character and charisma make me stand out.

I still can’t believe … that I am doing my dream job, and it almost came out of nowhere. My incredible support structure from since before my TV presenter job still sticks with me. I learnt from my mother to glorify God with the work that I do, I know that He’s opened

Thanks so much for reading, hope to see you again :)

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