MAVILOS Chats Music & Africa

I was first introduced to house music maker, MAVILOS after he dropped the “O Motsere Kae” video mid January. I was inspired by his energy and absolutely loved his sound. I know that many of you enjoy these interviews and me introducing new artists to you, that’s one of the reasons I decided to hit him up for a short Q&A.

Why music? Music has always lived in me. I am music.

Why go for this music genre in particular? I love music generally but up tempo and soulful sounds give me joy and inner peace plus I love dancing as well.

Would you say your childhood influenced your love music? Yes, quite a lot because I listened to plenty of music at young age. That unleashed the musician in me and I started playing self-made drums and self-made guitars. I would use anything that created music sound; even in primary school when others were playing soccer, I would be busy making music by singing and beating desks as my drums.

Which other music genres would you like to tap into in the near future? It is unpredictable because I can compose different genres currently. I wrote a reggae album for Matshikos titled Ejele.  I can do a lot when coming to producing music.

What do you think makes African music different? African music is rich and full of melodies from the beats to the voices.

What has being a music producer & artist taught you thus far? Freedom of being yourself and to give what is coming from your soul.

Who is your favourite African artist? There are many but to name a few: Lady Zamar; Techno; Micasa and Zahara. The list is long because Africa is rich with talented musicians.

African female artist you’d like to collaborate with? I have a quite a few there as well but for now – Zahara

Why do you think it is important for music producers to collaborate with one another? Because different minds and touches can be brought together to come up with a good musical recipe. It will also help grow and enhance each other’s skills.

Why do you think it is important that as South African Artists we don’t get too inspired by the western then end up losing our touch in the end? One can take a few pointers from artists worldwide and also enjoy the sounds they make but keeping our African touch alive and the identity of our country and the continent as a whole is key.

In one word.. Describe a proud African.. Patriotic.

Thanks so much for reading, hope to see you again :)

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