Mbali Gcabashe Is Launching Her First Book ‘Intimate Thoughts Of A Clever Black’

I recently got to know Mbali Gcabashe, a new author who is launching her very first book this coming Friday in Durban. During our conversation, Mbali was full of energy and her responses exclaimed passion and dedication.

“My biggest career highlight has to be the day I went to do a business presentation where I met Nolan Vernon who said : “I can’t put my finger on it but, I know I need you in my team” and just like that, he gave me a career opportunity in the radio industry I knew nothing about and changed my life for good”


Who is Mbali Gcabashe? A daughter, sister, wife, mother and friend. I am a perpetual student of life, who believes in sharing life`s lessons with those who are open to dialogue. An optimist at heart, a believer in humanity, a champion of the underdogs and a lover of Blackness. I believe in marketing and engaging in things conscious, Pan African and humane. Inquisitive person, willing to contribute towards finding solutions.

“Life has taught me that grace and humility trump all material possessions”

What is a normal day like to you? My normal day starts with the usually crazy school drop off which is followed by my part time lecturing job at Boston Media House, I devote some of the time to my business which focuses on Facilitation, PR and Communication. A big part of my day is consumed by my Forever Living Network Marketing Business where I spend time following up on set targets and assisting my downline to achieve their own personal goals. In between all my other duties, I spend time writing and reading any content that is progressive and challenging to the status quo.

“I am inspired by normal people who, despite their circumstances manage to put one foot in front of the other and while doing that they still manage to raise hope for those behind them”

At which point in your life did you decide to do what you do? I don’t think I have ever stopped to make a decision to do what I do, I believe what I do chose me and I am merely following my purpose.

Is this what you’ve always wanted to do? As long as I remember, my life has always been consumed by helping others realise their true potential.

Where do you see Author Mbali in 5 years? Doing exactly what I am doing in a much bigger scale

How do you want people to remember you? A woman who came to help others find their inner strength and abilities

What keeps you going regardless of the challenges life throws at you? The unshakeable knowledge that it all comes to pass.

“Success is being content with where you are, knowing that you have never given a mediocre performance in all platforms you have been afforded. I believe in women empowerment because the true success of Africa and the world at large lies in empowering women, who are the only people that can take a seed and turn it into a human being”

All Mbali wants in life is to see that the year was fruitfully spent in showing other people that they too are enough

“In conclusion I would love to say; it is okay to ask for help when you need it and also okay to allow other women to shine. I need women to know that when they open themselves up to opportunities, they will realise that not all doors are locked, sometimes they need to push a little harder and show up with their brains and not their bodies”

2 Responses to “Mbali Gcabashe Is Launching Her First Book ‘Intimate Thoughts Of A Clever Black’”

  1. Yolisa says:

    I missed your chat this morning (Ukhozi-fm 8 February 2017 after 8am). Sgqemza’s introduction raised my interest. Where can one (read up on you) or is there a potcast of that talk/chat. You sounded like someone who can help me break out of the prison I found myself in. I’m stuck, @ looking for advice,etc. to push just a lil further or harder.

    Thank you.

  2. Mbali says:

    Hi Yolisa, apologies for only seeing this now. Please follow me on Facebook Mbali KaShongwe Gcabashe and you can pick up where I am for dialogues and further understanding of what I do. Thanks

Thanks so much for reading, hope to see you again :)

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