Meet Chef Lindi Gee

Known for her inventive take on modern soul food, as well as comfort classics, Lindi “Gee” Govender is a professional Durban Executive chef who is passionate about cooking.
A feeder, someone who loves to laugh, fun, crazy, and loving. “Sometimes I am full of kindness and generosity”.
Lindi has been a chef for over 18 years but after working in coperate for a while she decided to enrol in a chef course and graduated in 2003 to grow her business.
“My grandmother cooked for everyone, and I was always next to her with my own tiny piece of pastry rolling things out”
2013 saw this foodie at heart, Lindi returned to South Africa to introduce international food trends that she had been exploring throughout her travels.

“My mother had me cooking from a very young age – peeling and chopping, so when she came from work she put it together. My dad’s eldest sister Mary is still my go to person whenever I am unsure about something I call her, she is a serious foodie”
“Balance is my secret to a healthy fast meal – I wish I could practice it. I don’t want to see food after cooking. But the trick is everything in moderation of course“.

Chef Lindi Gee does all types of functions; weddings, conferences, private dinners, birthday parties, she is a mobile chef and is available to travel all over South Africa.
Should you wish to learn more about her services, she is available on calls & WhatsApp via: 071 800 8514

Thanks so much for reading, hope to see you again :)

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