Meet Lutho Pasiya AKA DJ THOTHO

  • Real name: Lutho Pasiya 
  • Date-of-Birth: 21-11-1992 
  • Born: Eastern Cape, Mthatha
  • Currently Living in: Durban
  • Dj Since: 2014 
  • Education: Diploma in Journalism 
  • Category: Club Dj, House Dj, Mobile Dj
  • Available for: Celebrations, Concerts, Fashion, Clubs, Festivals, Private Parties
  • Duration on Set: 1-3hrs 


DJ Thotho, real name Lutho Pasiya started playing in 2014 under Clyd’tainment, an entertainment company situated in Umlazi, KwaZulu Natal.

Born and bred in Mthatha in the Eastern Cape, DJ Thotho always believed that one day she would become a professional DJ and music producer as it has always been her dream.

DJ Thotho loved music ever since she was young getting influence from her parents who were both involved in choral music back in the days.

I grew up in a home where music was a culture. We are a family who loves singing and enjoying music. At school, while doing standard 7 I was also part of the choir but choral music was just not my thing, so I put more focus into ‘house music’, listened to every beat and vocal track that I came across, the love just grew more and more until I decided to start playing so I can also be able to share the good music I listened to with the other people. The only way I knew I could do so was for me to be a DJ, play the music for the people. Nothing is amazing as seeing people happy and dancing to what you are delivering. 

Just after two years in the industry, I decided to release my own music which I think helps in building one’s brand. So, in 2016 I released my first single titled “Sengimtholile” featuring Boyzee and Finisher. 2017, I released “Amabhungu” featuring SneMusiq. 2018, I released “Moya Wam” featuring Fey, and last year I released “Uzongikhumbula” which featured DJ Nyceone.  

With just six years in the industry, I’m happy to see myself grow each day.

Thanks so much for reading, hope to see you again :)

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