Muzi Zuma Says Bonang Matheba’s ‘The Front Row’ Is The Hottest Thing On Radio

One day I was going through my Instagram, stalking my faves (like I always do) and not noticing that my mom is behind me, she said “beautiful girl, is she a model?” I turned around and quickly blocked my phone, I laughed and asked her if it’s her first time doing that. She said it was but I didn’t believe her. The person I was stalking was Muzi Cebolenkosi Zuma. Former UJFm presenter, make-up artist and model. Now before some of you even get confused, yes, Muzi is a guy, not a girl (unbelievable, hey?!). Muzi has worked with a number of celebrities, doing their make-up. I’ve seen a lot of his work online, it was about time I contact him for a feature on this blog.

Enjoy 🙂

Why did you choose to work in the beauty industry?

I’d honestly be lying if I said I chose to. My Beauty (Make Up) career started when a loyal customer of mine suggested way back when I was working part time at YDE, That my style & personality is suited for cosmetics. Not knowing anything about the industry or make up (yes I knew nothing, was literally just a mere Interior Design Student at that time) I submitted my CV to MAC Cosmetics, and as so designed by God, 01 November 2011, my Journey with Make Up Began. It was Instant, I fell in Love with every aspect of my Job, Working for MAC made it That Easy :-).

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Where did you study?

I didn’t study Make Up hey. Everything that I’ve learnt to do, and that I do has been Self Taught. I was fortunate enough to work with extremely tenured artists which allowed me to watch and learn from them tips and tricks I took home, practiced and mastered. That’s exactly how my development began.

What’s the most important thing that every make-up artist should know in order to survive in the beauty industry?

The importance of a Signature. There’s literally an ocean of artists all with the same goal, that is to make a mark. It is imperative that one as a Make Up Artist find within them the element/s that set them apart from the rest, and master it, ensuring that it reaches a standard where it’s an industry desire. I think that element, remaining humble and grounded are imperative qualities that mark a journey to success for all Make Up Artists.

What do you love most about being a makeup artist?

The reason I’m so passionate about my job is that I literally get the honor of being invited to ones Permanent book of Memories. My name and the #MakeUpByMuzi experience is one they’ll keep forever, sharing with friends, family & their children for years to come. It’s for this reason why every Client to me is important, I’d hate being a bitter memory to Anyone. It’s always a Goosebumps moment seeing the joy on my clients face when I’m done with my work, and it’s to always experience that moment that I do what I do with Passion, Respect & Love.

What is it that you think most people don’t know about the beauty industry?

That it’s cut throat! It requires one to be well and first informed about international & local fashion, colour & beauty trends at All times. You’re working with a persons most prized possession (their face) so it’s having a broad knowledge of brands & products, using the correct ones, and having health & hygiene as your First bullets in Memory. Behind the scenes, the funny part is that beauty is created in a everything but beauty environment lol, dealing with the pressure, time frames and stressed directors/editors, requires a skill. You can’t ever lose it!

Have you always wanted to be a makeup artist from an early age?

Growing up my friends will vouch for me on this one, there has never been not one moment where I said I wanted to be a Make Up Artist, not one moment. I never thought of Make Up ever actually, so I can’t say I never wanted to be one, it just never crossed my mind that I could be one. Until I started working Part Time as one, then my heart was captured, and I was not letting go!

What was your first make-up gig?

Having to do make up with a desperate and “broke kit” at one of our Local Fashion shows… It was 4 months after my first day at work, I could’ve died!

Give me 5 things that being a make-up artist taught you;

  1. To accept myself as is, flaws & all, never using make up to change me, but to accentuate me.
  2. Patience
  3. Being a Creative and never taming my imagination
  4. Being a Person! Down to Earth, approachable, relatable, and not the mannequin we told we look like.
  5. Determination, it’s that drive that keeps you going!

Do you love the type of relationship you have with the customers?

YES!!! Many of my customers have become my closest friends. Customers are ones greatest Portfolio, and deserve the greatest levels of respect because of that. I’ve been fortunate enough to get a Personal Assistance who shares in understanding the level importance in maintaining excellent relationships at all times with our Customers, Rudy Ackerman is indeed God sent.

When not playing around with makeup, what do you do to have fun?

SLEEP!!!! Lol that’s first, but then after it’s as Miss Simply Blue 2014, letting lose with my awesome Club Simply Blue family every Saturday. I’ve grown however to really value time spent indoors, chilling, bonding and talking a whole lotta junk with the people closest to me, and I wouldn’t have not one thing change. Phone calls with mom are always a MUST through it All!! She just calms me.

And to relax?

Reading a Book, drawing, singing or again Sleeping lol… I’ve outgrown eating out, or shopping (tragically) I think I spend so much time out & on the road that, when I see a gap, being indoors and cooking up a storm for myself & friends does my heart greater good & Joy.

According to you; what’s the hottest thing on TV right now?

I actually am not a TV Fan hey, hardly ever watch it, but when I do it’s always on Disney Channel [laughs]

And Radio?

The Front Row – Bonang Matheba, it really always has you at the edge of your car seat with anticipation, laughter, or turn up jams that always queue FOMO for me 🙁

What was the last magazine you bought?

ELLE, Cosmopolitan & VOGUE (at the same time) just to ensure I keep up with the trends, and that the ones I create for myself are on par with International.

Muzi’s work

Give 5 of your favourite South African publications?

  1. True Love
  2. Grazia
  3. Dossier
  4. Move
  5. Sunday World

Do you read blogs? 

I don’t hey, really want to, but family time, social networks and work always rob me of time to do so.

What other skills do you have besides make-up?

Interior Design, currently studying BA Marketing Communications, Singing, Painting/Drawing, Nails, Fashion Styling, Poetry, Writing, Public Speaking, Cooking, and the list does go on & on [laughs]

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Speckled Eggs, Pick n’ Pay Chocolate Custard, Woolworths Lemon Cheesecake, Cadbury Cashew & Coconut slab, Krush Juice MANGO, Toppers Cream Biscuits in I love junk!!!

And your number one makeup tip?

Listen to your instincts. That inner voice that has you doubting a foundation colour, lipstick/eyeshadow colour, or tells you it’s too much, that voice is hardly ever wrong. Trust her 🙂

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