My Message to those who didn’t Pass Their Matric!

I don’t want this to seem like i’m discriminating against those who passed – NO i am NOT but what i’m trying to do is to encourage those who didn’t make it. Listen, it is not the end of the world.

I know how people have been on your case as from the beginning of the week – people who themselves didn’t even reach up to the level you’ve reached, i was once in your shoes and i know exactly how the pressure can tear you apart.

Most of you didn’t know that i also failed my matric last year, well now you do and please don’t get this wrong – it’s not a secret and i am not ashamed of that because through every failure there is always a lesson to be learned.

These are some of them:
1. You may think you have friends in high school but they turn out to be your biggest enemies in the real world
2. The more we talk about our problems is the faster we heal and learn to get over them
3. The Bad about YOU spreads faster than the Good
4. Second Chances are worth it sometimes

I know how people have been making fun of you in the Social Media BUT please don’t let them get into you – show them that you are worth more than they think.
Go Fetch your Statement at school and register for supplements – That is what i did and hey! look at me now, i have my Matric and i’m chasing my goals – all those who i was a joke to are sitting at home and doing nothing with their lives.

Life is hard and in order for you to take on i well, be hard on it too. Trust me, all will go your way. You can’t really let Randoms from Twitter mess up your year by allowing them to tell you how useless you are – make use of the UNFOLLOW + BLOCK Buttons, keep all those who are looking at the brighter side of your future.

Be you, Don’t give up and WORK Hard.

One Response to “My Message to those who didn’t Pass Their Matric!”

  1. sanele says:

    Such motivating words will keep me going.thank u so much!

Thanks so much for reading, hope to see you again :)

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