#MyRadioPeople : DYR FM’s Siyabonga DJ Worldwide Msomi

Another one mentored by radio legend Archie Majola is Siyabonga Msomi who is popularly known as DJ Worldwide. This is his radio journey. I was inspired by this young man, I hope all of you guys looking to join radio are inspired by him.

Why radio?

Radio chose me, my mom bought me a stereo headset to listen cause I used to trouble her turning the volume up on her wireless and make a lot of noise, she decided to buy me a stereo which I used to take to school and when the teachers are not in the class I would listen all alone and laugh alone and even dance as well, I loved the different topics, talk shows and I used to listen to the likes of Lady D, Bongi Gumbi and Sbonga Mngadi… That is when I would find my self talking alone trying to create my own show and It is then when I knew that this is what I want to do when I grow up. Unfortunately it was not something I can share with anyone since in my community no one really understood the radio or entertainment industry.

Which other radio stations have you worked at? 

2014 I started my career at Inanda 88.4 fm as a traffic reporter on the breakfast show with Victor Rose jnr, Things didn’t go well there I ended up not doing traffic, I did not stay long because I wanted to go and study radio and I registered at Intec College my radio broadcasting course which I felt I was late to do it. I finished my radio broadcasting course early 2015, after my studies I got an internship at Highway radio 101.5 FM as both presenter and content producer for 6 months I did almost every show there and I used to be standby presenter – I hustled a lot. I used to sleep on the floor and wait for my early breakfast show – it was not easy at all but I was doing what I love, I left Highway radio to join RadioDUT online and campus radio station – it was fun, it’s where Vuma103fm approached me to come and produce The big weekend show for Archie Majola Saturday’s and Sunday’s where I learnt a lot from Archie, I remember the first day I came in studio early before the show started.. I came in around 3am while the show is at 6am.. I was so excited.

Did you study radio? 

I did study radio for 1 year at Intec College, I did Radio Broadcasting and it was fun to study something I love & enjoy although I was in a rush to finish the course and start to work but I waited untill the right time and graduated.

Besides Radio, which other side projects are you currently busy with or are involved in?

I am an Artist Manager, I manage artists because I love music as well… only good music [laughs] I decided to become an artist manager because Bright Deep asked me to manage him while I was not ready then I agreed and everything is going perfectly fine and I was not sure if I have this in me.. well look at me now, currently I have one artist and I have done so well he is signed under Bentley Records overseas and also has distribution contract with Gallo record label here in SA. I MC and I am a Dj as well… yes call me Dj Worldwide -I also do public speaking and motivational talks.

Who is your South African Radio Icon? 

Rob Forbes from 5FM he does 12 to 3pm Mon to Friday with Fix, I like the way he does his links and how he handles the show content and the music as well.. He once told me that it took him 11 years to get on radio and that inspires me too much and also Archie Majola former Vuma103fm, ECR and Gagasi
now he happens to be my boss at DYR he always correct me when wrong and he also teaches new radio technics and trends, really love working with him, I grew up listening to him at back in the day during his ECR days.

What can we expect from you in the next 5 years? 

I am looking forward to join the local commercial stations like Gagasi FM, ECR and Vuma103fm. I also like 5FM and 947 in Johannesburg they do big things and I also want to be a tutor to teach young ones who want to be on radio.

How often do you listen to other radio stations and which radio stations do you usually listen to? 

I like this question… I always listen to a variety of radio stations but I listen to Gagasi Fm and 5FM the most and I have the 947 app – On  Saturday’s I like chart shows and dance show and Sunday’s I like talk shows so weekends is where I am glued to my wireless.

What has working on radio taught you? 

To speak sense to people and to recognize myself, who I am and to show a bit of personality there and there and also to be close to other people as I love entertaining. Radio is playing a big role on Earth, I like it when I see people gathering to listen radio.

What advice can you give to aspiring radio broadcasters? 

Radio is about to change so we must change with it.. why I say this? People can now download music wherever.. we have so many online platforms so we as radio Broadcasters need to pin them to us with fresh, engaging & funny content.

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