#MyRadioPeople : Gagasi FM’s Nolwazi Magwaza

“A lover of all things awesome” is how this week’s personality would describe herself. Nolwazi is a Public Relations graduate who ended up in the radio industry simply because she is a chatterbox. Read more about Nolwazi as she shares her radio story below.
Why radioFunny enough there is no answer for this, radio found me, never in my wildest dreams thing I think something I had no intention of doing could make me so happy.
Which other radio stations have you worked at? I have worked at radio DUT for about 4 months and East Coast Radio for three years.
Did you study radio? No, I studied Public Relations at DUT, I constantly talk a lot and I am very loud and bold, lol I guess I landed the job because I came across as a radio head.
Besides Radio, which other side projects are you currently busy with or are involved in? I do PR work, for Versfeld & Associates, MC every Thursday at Urban Cafe On Point and MC gigs.
Who is your South African Radio Icon? Anele Mdoda is my jam.
What can we expect from you in the next 5 years? Prime time baby…[laughs]…that and lots more growth which you will see soon.
How often do you listen to other radio stations and which radio stations do you usually listen to? Not very much, Gagasi FM keeps me updated with my traffic and news and of course great personalities and music, which is my fav, I do listen to Metro at times.
What has working on radio taught you? Be humble, do you, work hard and always remember you can be replaced in a second.
What advice can you give to aspiring radio broadcasters? Knock and send those demo’s until the very end, and once you are there, remain humble, work hard and be you at all times, just be you, believe me, everyone will fall in love with you.

Thanks so much for reading, hope to see you again :)

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