#MyRadioPeople : Inanda FM’s Lungelo Lihle Mthethwa

Bubbly, opinionated, outspoken and fun – those are some of the words I would use to describe colleague Lungelo Lihle Mthethwa, host of the Business Class Show on Inanda 88.4 FM weekly between 12-3pm with producer Nhlanhla Ngwenya who I featured on here late last year. Read below as she shares her radio journey with me.

Why radio? Funny enough I think radio chose me because I thought I was just another citizen  who loved listening to the radio but the more I listened, the deeper I fell in love with it. Started standing in front of the mirror and presented to myself that’s when I realised this is it!!
Which other radio stations have you worked at? I joined Imbokodo FM back in 2010, worked there for about a year or so due to life I took a break from radio but because radio is a calling for me I had to come back for it and joined Inanda 88.4FM
Did you study radio? When I completed matric I thought I wanted to be an Accountant so I studied Accounting at the Mangosuthu University of Technology but a few years into the course radio found me so straight after I registered at Rosebank College for a Media Studies and Journalism course and then the rest is history.
Besides Radio, which other side projects are you currently busy with or are involved in? Very involved in family businesses for now but also currently busy with my business partners on an NPO project and there’s also some deejaying course on the pipeline. Let’s just say 2018 will be a year to elevate.
Who is your South African Radio Icon? I love me some ANELE MDODA. The respect I have for that lady. I find her amazing! I know Sandy Nene Media has some serious connection. Please make it possible for me to meet her? LOL!!
What can we expect from you in the next 5 years? Expect great things from me. Obviously growth in the broadcasting industry. I wanna be amongst the best in the South African entertainment, as well as growing the brand all together in all aspects even on entrepreneurship.
How often do you listen to other radio stations and which radio stations do you usually listen to? I have favourites radio personalities from different stations so I find myself listening to a lot of different stations for instance I would tune in to Anele Mdoda’s show, I also listen to Metro FM cause Dineo Ranaka is also one of my faves, you would also find me listening to Ukhozi FM cause I love me some Lady D khoza and Nongcebo McKenzie, I also love the Kings on Gagasi FM and of course I listen to 88.4FM cause home is where the heart is.
What has working on radio taught you? It has taught me a lot of things, I now believe in myself more, it has taught me not to take things for granted and give out my best all the time. It has  also taught me to be strong cause whether you are going through a heartache or whatever when that mic switches ON you need to put whatever you are going throuh aside cause the listener is expecting their bubbly hillarious Lihle but more than anything it has taught me to appreciate the love I get from people who have never even met me and return their
love back in buckets loads also. I’ve grown to really love my listeners, those guys are now FAM to me.

What advice can you give to aspiring radio broadcasters? Only do radio if you are really passionate about it! Not for any other reason. Be yourself, give us you not anybody we have heard before. For me, great personality wins hearts on radio so I hope you do have it mtasekhaya because without it nothing will set you apart from any other presenter.

Thanks so much for reading, hope to see you again :)

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