#MyRadioPeople : Nontobeko Naomi Msomi of Capitol Radio

Why radio? Radio is a soul therapy, I love radio because it challenges me to always bring up my A-game when doing it, I need to research and know my story every time before I go on air. 

Which other radio stations have you worked at? I have worked at Icorafm, Izwi Lomzansi FM, Massiv Metro (online radio on Massiv underground program) and currently working at Capitol Radio based in Westville and its an online radio station I do a Music Chartshow every Sunday between 9 am to 12 pm

Did you study radio? Please specify where you studied; I started at Icora FM in 2012 as a Trainee, I was working as an all-rounder then later in 2012 I joined Izwi lomzansi FM, While working it Izwi Lomzansi Fm I felt that there is more I need to learn on radio, As much as I love it but I should also look at it as a business and building up my brand so I then went to Joburg to study Television and Radio Presenting at OnCue interface talent where you are trained by the best to be the best and that is where I learnt to bring up my A-game when it comes to Radio. 

Besides Radio, which other side projects are you currently busy with or are involved in? I am currently working as a Brand Awareness Promoter under Pangolin Promotions where I am a Speaker and talk about the Brand “GOLDEN Delight Rice” 

Who is your South African Radio Icon? I don’t know if I should go for a woman I admire the most which is Pearl Modiadie lol, I’m joking My radio Icon is Lady D Dudu Khoza from Ukhozi FM

What can we expect from you in the next 5 years? Unfortunately, the future cannot be predictable anything can happen now but in 5 years to come, I see my self working for my future employer which is…………. Lol

How often do you listen to other radio stations and which radio stations do you usually listen to? With 90% of my free time I listen to other radio stations, I usually listen to Ukhozi FM and Metrofm the most 

What has working on radio taught you? What advice can you give to aspiring radio broadcasters? Working on radio taught me Patience, Things don’t go according to your own will, Everything takes time and God’s timing is the perfect time, just give it your all, work hard, you will get tired along the way but you just always have to remember on why you started, you won’t blow up and be the best presenter in few seconds but dedication and patience while work is in progress will help you 
Never waste time because time lost will never be regained, It’s okay to try and fail than not trying at all.

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