#MyRadioPeople: Vibe FM’s Sama Jobe

I am back with this exciting series and I am proud to have featured a number of radio personalities from different stations for the past 2 years since I launched this informative and inspiring series. Today I feature yet another young and media passionate individual who goes by the name Sama Jobe.

Why radio?  I love radio more than anything else, not because I am talkative I just love it.
Which other radio stations have you worked at? I’d rather not mention the radio station I previously worked for because of some reasons I am not ready to talk about.
Did you study radio?  I did study radio at Fellas Groove Entertainment, but I was already at Vibe FM. I just wanted a certificate.
Besides Radio, which other side projects are you currently busy with or are involved in? I am a Board member, Brand Manager and a Voice Over Artist for Live Your Dream South Africa Youth Awards, I am also a background actor for Uzalo on SABC1 and Imbewu on eTV.
Who is your South African Radio Icon? Thokozani “Mafresh” Mpungose, but I also love uMroza for how versatile she is. There is no radio show she cannot do.
What can we expect from you in the next 5 years? Expect a qualified Journalist since I am studying at DUT and an Author.
How often do you listen to other radio stations and which radio stations do you usually listen to? Very less but I do and I listen to Ukhozi the most and Gagasi.
What has working on radio taught you? Mmmh I like this question, it has taught me to think before I speak and be more  careful of what I say.
What advice can you give to aspiring radio broadcasters? Community radio stations are a very good start yet it is not easy to get into them, all you need is to be patient and wait for your time. Never stop dreaming of being a radio personality and please don’t do it for fame but do it for a passion.

Thanks so much for reading, hope to see you again :)

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