Profile Feature: Yonela Shenxane

Yonela Shenxane is a 22 year old lady who is currently signed to two of South Africa’s best modelling agencies, her mother agency being BOSS Models in Johannesburg and the other being ICE Models in Cape Town.

Her love for the world of entertainment started in 2013 when she walked onto the music video set for Gusheshe, a song by South African Hip Hop recording artist Cassper Nyovest.  The set was produced by Nicky Campos which is a music video and film production company based in Johannesburg.  She had been on the set to accompany an industry friend and when Nicky asked her to do a simple scene feature, she reluctantly went for it.

A month after the insignificant scene feature on Cassper’s music video, Yonela was offered the opportunity to work with Nicky again but now she would be appearing as a main character on Shota’s (born Mnqobi Mdabe) music video for a song titled Ben10.  Shota is a South African singer, producer and songwriter.  The music video served as her very first TV appearance.  

She then began to realise her love for the small screen and wanted to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.  Yonela then realised that she needed to get signed to a reputable agency that represented talent and commercial models, because in that way she could grow more in the industry.

Her modelling career kicked off in 2014 when she got signed with Alushi Models, after being turned down by several agencies including BOSS Models.

Yonela further explored the industry later that year, by being selected to appear as a character on a reality TV show called Take Me Out SA, which aired on SABC1 and was hosted by Phat Joe. The show had one season and Yonela received very good feedback which made her certain that being on TV is what she wanted to do.  With 4 years of dramatic arts behind her, she knew that she was already equipped with the basic understanding of the entertainment industry and audience engagement.

Take Me Out SA was another confirmation that the entertainment industry was where Yonela wanted to be as she now had a new found confidence.  She tried to get signed again with the well-established agency, BOSS Models which she had always considered as her dream agency.  Yonela sent an e-mail to BOSS Models (Cape Town) and they forwarded her pictures to BOSS Models Johannesburg which is the agency that rejected her a year ago.  Amazingly enough, she was called in for a meeting in May 2015 and was then signed.  A month later Yonela was already on set for her first job with a team that she had always idealised which is the Sunday Times team.  Her first job was an editorial edition.

Since being signed to BOSS Models, Yonela has worked on a lot of beauty/fashion editorials. She featured on TV commercials for CELL C, worked on campaigns such as the ’15 spring/summer PQ clothing campaign, Parooz Fashion spring/summer campaign & online store debut.  After the social media feedback on the Parooz Fashion campaign, Yonela announced that she would be the first brand ambassador for the young, fun and exciting fashion brand.

Yonela ended 2015 with an editorial feature in the New Year issue of well renowned magazine, True Love.  She then planned to go live in Cape Town so that she could build her profile there and by the grace of God she moved to Cape Town in January for model season.  Model season in Cape Town is every models dream because that’s where models get the opportunity work with professionals from all over the world. Cape Town is where you get models from Germany, America, Angola, Jamaica and other countries all at once trying their luck at doing what they love.  

Working in Cape Town opened a lot of doors for Yonela as she got to work on amazing campaigns and also given the opportunity to be a brand ambassador for Vada By Sivada which is a Cape Town brand as well as Beach Cult.  She was amongst the models that launched Joaquina Beachwear which is an AfroBrasilian bikini brand also based in Cape Town.  Yonela has also been a Zando online model and has shot a catalogue for Angel Africa.  

With model season being over she has returned back to Johannesburg which is where she will now be based.  She doesn’t believe in restricting herself so she now wants to venture into the film industry so she call tell and act out stories.  She has recently shot an advert for Nedbank and also features in a advert which also serves as one of her career highlights.

The world still has a lot in store for Yonela and being the hard worker that she is, a lot is yet to be accomplished.  She wants to leave a mark, not only as a model but as an actress, socialite, brand influencer and a public figure.  

Thanks so much for reading, hope to see you again :)

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