Sightseeing For A Week In Jakarta

Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. But that’s not saying much. Indonesia is a country which spans more than 12,000 islands and rocky outcrops and runs for thousands of miles, all the way from mainland Asia to the eastern coast of northern Australia. The country, therefore is highly varied, meaning that any experiences you have in the capital are unlikely to be replicated in other islands in the chain.

But what should you spend your time doing if you’ve got a week to burn in Jakarta? Where should you go? That’s the focus on this article. Here we’re going to take a look at some of the many cultural marvels of Jakarta so that you don’t have a dull moment on your next trip.

The National Museum

City breaks can sometimes be a challenge. Often you spend an enormous amount of time walking and not much doing the things that you want. It’s not like a package holiday where, if in doubt, you can go and lounge by the pool, or a camping holiday where you can sit around the fire talking to fellow campers on a slow afternoon. While on a city break, you need constant entertainment and stimulation.

The good news is that Jakarta provides all of that in spades. One of the most popular attractions is the National Museum (or the National Museum of Indonesia).

The museum covers just about every topic you can imagine, including the history of the nation’s people, the languages that they speak, some aspects of the wildlife native to Indonesian islands, and the country’s archaeological heritage.

The museum also features a giant elephant sculpture for added interest.

Spa And Massage

If pampering is your thing, then Jakarta is the place to be. Thanks to low wages, the price of human-delivered services, like massage, are incredibly affordable. In Jakarta, you can pick up an hour-long massage for just a few dollars, much cheaper than you could in a Western country.

Jakarta is full of places you can go for a relaxing massage. Many parlors will take groups, meaning that you and your travelers can enjoy a massage together.

Want to beautify yourself before a night out? You can do that in Jakarta too, again at a fraction of the price you’d pay in a western country. Some of the best spas are in the city, but there are also a range of resorts outside of the city limits if you want to escape the business and hubbub.

Plaza Indonesia

Jakarta, like most major cities, offers a range of shopping destinations for the savvy shopper. There are low budget malls all the way up to Plaza Indonesia, one of the most exclusive shopping locations in the city. Here you’ll find all the big international retailers, offering their best wares at premium prices.

Of course, if it’s a bargain that you’re after, then you’ve got plenty of options in Jakarta. The local people are often less affluent than tourists, and so rely on a host of low-cost retailers who will be more than happy to sell to you too. You can usually find great deals at local retailers, especially on perishable goods.

Check out the Mangga Dua. Here you’ll find some cheap quality imitations goods.

There another mall called Blok M. This is a great place to pick up clothes, bags, and shoes.

Finally, if you want a memento to remember your trip, take a look at Pasar Ikan. Here you’ll find souvenirs and household items.


If you travel around Indonesia, you’ll see signs that read “beli rumah murah” – or “buy cheap houses.” That’s something that you’ll soon discover about this city: the accommodation is as cheap as it comes – much better value than any western city, allowing you to have a city break at a fraction of the cost of a similar holiday in Europe or North America.

In general, luxury accommodation prices start from USD 150 per night, or about half of what you’d expect to pay for a similar level of care in the west.

You can get perfectly respectable accommodation in the city for less than $50 per night. Budget hotels include the Yello Hotel Harmoni. The Harmoni is located close to the National Monument Park, a favorite destination for many tourists visiting the region.

Jakarta Nightlife

Finally, it’s worth mentioning the nightlife. Jakarta nightlife is hottest near to the Kemang venue, but there is also a thriving scene around many of the city’s “eco-bars” – bars which promise to reduce their environmental impact.

Thanks so much for reading, hope to see you again :)

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