Talking Music With Nkululeko Fusase AKA De Cante

Hailing all the way from Empangeni, Nkululeko Fusase who prefers to be called ‘De Cante’ when he’s making people dance is a music DJ who’s began doing what he loves when he was still doing Grade 6 and then went on to make his very 1st beat at Grade 8. During his music career, he has worked with a number of artists including The Legendary DJ Sbu and popular ‘Sengizwile’ hit maker, Shota. De Cante is also a Digital Music Composition & Production Graduate. Enjoy reading my Q&A with him below:
Why music?

Amongst other career options I had for my future I chose music because this is the only career path I understand better than any other out there. To me it is not just ordinary music that everybody listens or adores, but for me it is something I love and live for. No other thing makes me feel better when I’m down, stressed nor hurt but music gets to me somehow and turns the situation around to better.

Why go for Dance Music in particular?

I have always been that kind of person that is into dance music although I can’t dance, for me house music is easy to understand and listen to at the same time enjoying its rhythm. This is the kind of music that never gets old even after 2 or 5 years, the feel of it remains the same. And this is where I get to exercise my producing skills fully and not get limited along the way.

Click here to download ‘chasing my dreams’ by De Cante.

Would you say your childhood influenced your love for music?

Yes it did, because there was a time in my village where deejaying became a fashion and it was like if you don’t know how to you’re slow or boring. This is where I developed so much love and passion for house music, even within the schemes we formed at the time I always got good feedback on how I play and take control on the decks, so that alone gave me courage to take things further with house music.

Which other music genres would you like to tap into in the near future?

I would have to go with Jazz and Hip hop because those genres I already have a lil understanding of it and also like its sounds and elements.

What do you think makes African House Music different?

House Music never loose its place in the industry it is always there no matter which genre blows at that time. It always hits the mark and it is unreplaceable in any way.

What has being an artist taught you so far?

I have to always go an extra mile on my work so I do better, always have to introduce new and unique ideas upon my work. A challenge of coming up with different sounds each time I’m in studio is one thing that always teaches me something new. And last more thing, respect and love to people who support you is also way too important.

Who is your African music Icon?

I look up to Black Coffee, the way the guy handles his career whilst people get worked up by fame and money but he’s always on his lane. He inspires me to do so too, his career keeps on levitating, never stops hustling, this is what I want for my music career.

Best African female artist you’d love to colllaborate with?

Lady Zamar, because I find her amazingly talented and she can fit quit well to my sound of music.

Why do you think it is important for artists to support and collaborate with one another?

This is one thing some others don’t notice but this is really important cause if you collaborate with an artist it’s not about just working together but it’s about admiring and respecting each other’s work. And it helps to get new audience for your music cause his/her fans will get to know you and maybe fall in love with you and your music, so for me this is important.

Why do you think it is important that as South Africans we don’t get too inspired by American Music & then end up losing our touch in the end?

Because this might make us as South Africans look like we copy their sounds and if it’s like that nothing makes us different nor special, this is something that we have to be aware of and keep it 100% with our South African sounds.

In one word.. Describe a proud South African..


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