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So I just took my time and Did This Small Research on The Gorgeous Nombulelo “Brown Shuga” Boyana.

It’s so impressive what Blogging does to other peoples lives & their lifestyle. LOOK At where Lelo is now through her Hobby. You’ve seen her on RGB, Tv with Lelo & Society (Drama) The Famous Celebrity Blogger has Also Done work fo TvSA, City Pulse and City Press where she built up fans who loved her honesty and views on latest celebrity Gossip.

Lelo is now Running One of SA’s Most Read Blogs (Just Curious) and has recently throwed a succesful 3rd year Party for her Bloggers and JC Friends. On my research i found where she quoted “i wasn’t getting paid at TvSA but i don’t regret cause it has opened so many doors for me”

I love Lelo’s Dedication to her work. Her Passion keeps many of us young Bloggers Going.

Follow Lelo On Twitter : @MsLeloB
Just Curious : @JustCuriousZA

Lelo has access to SA’s TOppest events through Blogging. I LOOK UP TO HER ALOT!

2 Responses to “The Woman Behind Just Curious – The Blog”

  1. Wow amazing finally i know who Brown Shuga is ,well Lelo Boyane as shes known to most of JC readers has done wonders for herself as a blogger ,i personaly love and respect her ,Am currently reading various blogs in the country but my first blog i read was JustCurious .Sandy even yourself you are doing amazing for someone who happens to be my peer at your age for me you achieved what other teenagers thought to be impossible ,to both of you keep it up and may God bless you guyz ,Blogging is made fun by people like you ,much love and respect <3 🙂

  2. Sandile Nene says:

    Thanks So Much John, we really appreciate you support. I know u have always stood by my side all the time from when i started up this Blog. Thanks for commenting. Keep sharing My Blog with your Peers, U ROCK

Thanks so much for reading, hope to see you again :)

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