WCW: Nolwazi Lwazi Mabizela

Lwazi is a soulful singer and acoustic
guitarist from Durban South Africa. A self
taught guitarist with a passion for music,
culture, business innovation and

House music fans appreciate her for her
vocal skills on songs like Uthando with
Betasweet and Kind of love as well as Get
to know me with DJ Merlon.
She has worked with DJ Merlon on his first two albums making her versatile in understanding deep house music.

Lwazi original name Nolwazi Mabizela is a Durban based isiZulu speaking musician who proudly writes music in isiZulu and composes her songs using the acoustic guitar.

She is a soulful singer whose deep roots in music has been inspired by Maskandi, African Jazz and old school R&B

This young talent has earned her stripes in her journey having performed at venues that have shaped her character, coming from humble beginnings. This entails performing at local restaurants, at youth development events, weddings and graduation ceremonies in South Africa.

As a dynamic innovator she would like to create diverse solutions in her music career by merging her Bachelor of commerce degree in business innovation and entrepreneurship with music and art in general.

Her most recent product offering is her
debut single Indlukulu with songs like
Ganga received on local radio stations
throughout the country.

Listen to her music: https://lnk.to/LGN

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