Wine Wednesdays Durban, Everyone’s Favourite Wine Community

Wine Wednesdays has officially made wine a culture in Durban and now spreading across other parts of South Africa. We wish to extend our gratitude and humbles THANK YOU’S to everyone that has supported this growth – which has not been an easy task. We can safely say we have introduced a new culture in Durban and added another amazing concept to our events and entertainment calendar.

Wine Wednesday is a concept designed to liberate and empower women in the social scene. The event is centred around Wine but has really interesting themes around it, weekly the themes rotate around; Live music, Food and wine pairing, comedy nights, career expo and a book club just to mention a few. The idea around having nights dedicated to women and inspired by wine comes from the mission of trying to eradicate the growing trend of “Blessers and Slay Queens”. The mission is to free women from the idea that they need to have men to pay for their bills if they wish to go out – since wine is a very affordable drink.

The “champagne life” and showing off with expensive bottles in night clubs or restaurants that’s being promoted is only good for a handful and that kills the nightlight and reduces buying power because lesser people afford that kind of lifestyle. So you are now stuck with lots of people, especially, women who don’t go out anymore because they are afraid of being looked down upon because they can’t show off with expensive drinks. Which leaves Wine Wednesday as the only

Solution to redefining and setting a standard of partying or going our – that is inclusive of everyone regardless of social or financial status.

Finally, women can gather and have meaningful outings and experience 5 star treatment regardless of the price-tag of their preferred drink. The aim is to promote having a good time not to show off.

We’ve built a very relaxed wine community and have become the champions of a responsible social scene.

Wine Wednesdays is divided into 2, one being the weekly instalments of the concept which is held indoors and the other being the picnic version which happens 4 times, quarterly, a year. We held the first one earlier this year, which was a huge huddle to pull off with no sponsorships but nonetheless people came out in numbers and we can’t wait to host the next one with our new sponsors who just recently came on board.

Thanks so much for reading, hope to see you again :)

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