Yashna Features Lex LA Foy & Ms Andii on ‘Aybo’

In honour of Womens month, three of Durban’s forefront fiery female artists have joined forces to release a fun fresh single that is guaranteed to leave you feeling empowered and ignited. The single titled Aybo as well as the Official Music Video for it, is set to release 09/08/2020.

The title Aybo is derived from the unique South African slang term “haibo,” which is a word commonly used to express a sense of surprise. The song makes multiple references to the city of Durban, where all artists involved are currently based, and have been raised.


Singer/songwriter Yashna is no stranger to the music scene, since 2016 she has been consistently elevating within the industry. Her most recent release titled Rise Up climbed East Coast Radio’s Coke Top 40 chart, while the music video has been playlisted on Trace Africa. She also recently contributed to a charitable initiative for Mandela Day in collaboration with East Coast Radio, Yashna co-wrote the single titled Come Together with Neo Ndawo, and featured on the track. This multi-genre artist has been making waves in and out the city with her versatile vocals, and has now teamed up with two powerful Durban based female rappers namely Lex La Foy and Ms Andii, to deliver a solid hip hop tune for women, in a month that celebrates and highlights women for the power that they possess, and for the Queens that they are.

“My vision for this single was to join forces with local female artists in the Durban music scene, to share our talents, and utilize the platform that we have to inspire and uplift females of all age, race and cultural backgrounds, and I feel as though we were able to achieve that with this particular single.” -Yashna

Lex La Foy

Lex La Foy stepped on the scene in 2004 as a performance/battle rapper and slam poet, and has been making moves ever since. La Foy is a previous SAHHA nominee, who has toured both nationally and internationally, also making appearances on commercials and local television series. Her latest feature with artist L-Tip called Perfect Timing took the number one spot on Ms Cosmo’s Local Hip Hop chart on 5FM, earlier this year. Lex’s work ethic breathes life into the words spoken on Aybo as she exudes confidence and encapsulates the Queen that she believes all women possess the power to unleash.

“I’m just really happy to see not only women, but great Durban artists come together and do something as super dope as this. It’s a major win for my city and for hip hop, plus we had fun in the process.” -Lex La Foy

Ms Andii

Ms Andii another rising hip hop artist from the city of Durban, formerly a dancer, began her journey as a recording artist in 2015, and has since been dropping bars in the booth and on stages across the nation. Her latest single titled Moneybag is currently playlisted on Gagasi FM. Ms Andii’s verse on Aybo speaks to independent females that are focused on hustling hard, and reminds them to shine their light, and to keep their head up, regardless of life’s challenges.

“I hope this song inspires unity amongst women, just as we have united as female artists to make this dope track, and I trust that young ladies get the message. I also hope that everyone enjoys the song as much as we enjoyed making it.” -Ms Andii

Neo Ndawo

Durban Creative Award’s Best Producer for 2019, Neo Ndawo handled the entire production of Aybo. Being a rapper/songwriter himself, he also contributed to the melody and writing of the hook of Aybo. He recently released a six track EP titled Lingo. Ndawo continues to contribute to the success of numerous artists in and out of Durban.

Artists featured on Aybo

Aybo is a significant song for women by women, on Womens Day.












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