FREEinINANDA – Discover the Inanda Valley & WIN A Helicopter Ride

FREEinINANDA is an invitation to Durban’s people to venture into the Inanda Valley on Durban’s doorstep and have the experience of a lifetime visiting accessible, fun, safe tourist attractions. They can get active on the water or the trails around the Inanda Dam and surrounding mountains; and feel the local pulse by meeting friendly people, listening to jazz or eating and drinking locally. Or they can rediscover Inanda’s heritage sites to remind themselves why Nelson Mandela chose to vote here, in the true cradle of South Africa’s freedom. All of this AT NO COST from 1 to 10 May.

FREEinINANDA is powered by Africa!Ignite and Durban Green Corridor, in partnership with Durban Tourism, Woza eNanda and the local Community Tourism Organisation. It is the launch of exciting new routes through the Inanda Valley. These include the trails, canoeing, mountain biking and guided walks that Durban Green Corridor, a socio-economic and environmental development project of eThekwini, has developed over the past 5 years. Africa!Ignite, one of KwaZulu-Natal’s leading rural development agencies, recently opened a WOWZULU Tourist Marketplace at the Ohlange Institute as tourists’ warm welcome in the Valley, where they can drink great coffee, hear stories, buy local craft and gifts, find out where to go and what to do, and meet a guide who can take them from here to explore further.

The Inanda Valley has a wealth of culture, history, and natural wonder to discover. FREEinINANDA coincides with the busy Durban tourism season and the Tourism Indaba. The campaign has also been built around an incredible 4 day music festival hosted at the Wushwini Arts Centre with breathtaking views overlooking Inanda Dam. It also includes the Molweni Trail Run 2&3 May and a guided 4×4 trail. FREEinINANDA launches on 1 May and runs through until 10 May 2015. Africa!Ignite and Durban Green Corridor are excited to offer these activities through the valley that everyone is invited to participate in. These activities, some short stops, others exciting packages are designed to titillate the senses and inspire the soul. Please see attached list of activities and attractions available during the FREEinINANDA period and beyond.



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Deadline 12 May 2015

Vodacom Durban July Fashion Challenge calls on style to sit at the Captain’s Table

Open to all experienced, aspiring local as well as out-of-province fashion designers the Vodacom Durban July Fashion Challenge is an exciting opportunity for fashionistas to be part of the biggest horseracing and fashion event in the country.

But it won’t be all smooth sailing for the aspiring designers as they race to create a unique and elegant race day ensemble that fits this year’s stylish fashion theme, “The Captains Table”.

A fashion theme steeped in naval history, “The Captain’s Table” calls on some considerable research from the Fashion Challenge entrants.

“With any fashion competition it’s so important for entrants to study the theme,” advises Tiffany Prior, Fashion Programme Director of the Vodacom Durban July.

“The 2015 Vodacom Durban July fashion theme is not about dressing nautically but requires some deep delving into the history of what it means to be invited to the Captain’s Table.

“They need to travel back to the early 1920’s when people started cruising and were invited to dine with the captain. There were never more than twelve people at his table and the chosen few were always the most stylish, elegant and eloquent guests on the ship.”

Competition designs should speak to an era of style and sophistication, and should encompass the Vodacom Durban July’s overall spirit of on-trend, elegant and beautifully executed designs. Judges will also be looking at all aspects of the outfit including hat, accessories, shoes and overall grooming.

The competition will be initially judged from storyboards that must reflect as much detail as possible of the proposed design and the creative motivation behind it. Storyboards with a fully completed entry form must reach the judges’ office at 42 Lennox Road, Greyville, Durban, by no later than 16h00 on 12 May.

A panel of judges will select ten storyboards, after which the finalists will begin the task of constructing their outfits for the final judging process.

Prior reminds all interested designers to research upcoming fashion trends to incorporate into their ensemble.

“There are definite standout trends for spring and summer that would sit comfortably at the Captain’s table. Once again, we don’t want to define these styles too clearly but rather give the designers the space to research and interpret them themselves.”

Prior does leave entrants with a mini hint though. “Read up on what was shown at the September and March fashion weeks,” says Prior.

Most importantly entrants must swim a little deeper with their designs and avoid the obvious choice of designing to a nautical theme. After all, you aren’t going to arrive for a grand meal at the esteemed Captain’s table looking like a sailor.

More information and entry form downloads can be found at

The 2015 Vodacom Durban July takes place at Greyville Racecourse on Saturday 4 July. More information can be found

Daniel Panton (right), pictured with model Ronwyn Mansor (left), was ecstatic with his winning of the Vodacom Durban July Fashion Challenge last year.

Daniel Panton (right), pictured with model Ronwyn Mansor (left), was ecstatic with his winning of the Vodacom Durban July Fashion Challenge last year.

The theme for the 2015 Vodacom Durban July:
The Captains Table
The anticipation mounts, the crew are prepped and ready.
The passengers are welcomed, the excitement . . . yes, it’s heady.

The cruise ship’s mighty horn booms, we’re off on our way.
We jostle for position, to enjoy this thrill-packed day.

We’ll party with old friends, maybe make some new.
Dress posh to impress, who knows who we’ll bump into!

But what we’re really after, the ultimate it seems.
The exclusive gilt-edged invite, the one you see in dreams.

The era is irrelevant, it’s always been the same.
When one’s invited to The Captain’s Table, one has to up one’s game.

Dress is all important, whether you be King or Queen.
You’ll feel like a celebrity, the place to see . . . and be seen.

Crystal and silver will shine, splendid food and fine wine.
The Vodacom Durban July – a massive ship, sail with us, enjoy the trip.

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